Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sponsor Highlight-Kinderglo

Have you heard about Kinderglo? This is a must have for anyone with small children! I like to call it a portable night light that doubles as your child's new best friend. We have a Kinderglo hippo that my daughter named squeaky that goes everywhere with us and helps me out a great deal when we travel. She is at that age where everything in the dark is scary and I did not want to use a traditional night light in her room. Little miss explorer still have a fascination with the wall sockets and I think it would be way to easy to pull a night light out of the wall and put something inside at nap time. There is a large selection of lights to choose from and each is made of soft, durable, non toxic safety approved material. The night light lasts for 8-10 hours and you can choose to either leave the light on all night or to have the light character change colors and fade off in a 30 minute time frame.  Since the lights do not get hot to the touch we keep Squeaky on all night long and have not had her wake up once or cry that she sees something in her room. I also love Kinderglo because  as I have said in the past we drive a ton and the light is just soft enough for her to use in the car without distracting me while I drive. I can also easily take our Kinderglo to hotels and to visit family without having to worry about not having a light in the room for my daughter. I cannot express enough how much the Kinderglo has changed our night time routine-we now hear little miss talk to Squeaky until she falls asleep instead of her crying because her room is "scary in the dark". Meet the Kinderglo characters:


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