Wednesday, August 31, 2011

School is I only wish sleep would follow!

We have been waking my daughter up early for school which is great except now she falls asleep at 5 and is awake for the day at 5am! Of course when school is finally over she cat naps her way home and then is ready to go until crashing at dinner time. This leads for a hectic schedule and a very tired mom (have you notice the sporadic and lack of normal time on updates) It is because I have to train myself now to try to sleep while the sun is up and get up before the rooster crows. In my desperate attempt to gain back a normal life I googled sleep behavior modification-now the search came up with some crazy things but one product was on top of the list the Good Nite Lite. Now I have never heard of the light so I was intrigued and began to read more (of course I also saw that it was featured on The Doctors tv show which is amazing in my world). The light allows you to set the wake and sleep time and is a very simple concept even for my two year old-if the sun is shining it is time to wake up, if the moon is showing it is still time to sleep. We were eager to give it  a try and after a week or so I know my daughter is getting the hang of things...this morning we did not wake up until 7am and look I am still awake at 10pm :)  I also like the light because it provides just enough comfort that a traditional light night is not needed which I learned can actually prohibit sleep (plus I did not have to worry about her yanking the plug out of the wall). Although we are just in the beginning of our Good Nite Lite adventure I can say without a doubt it has saved my sanity and improved our day 110%.  While visiting the site do not forget to vote for Adam Nelson for 2011 Entrpreneur of the year!


Thanks for the post, Arthur Lawrence

It is funny when you graduate college and get into the real world how vacation is no longer a word that conjures images of long sunny days at the beach and swimming in the lake with friends. Vacation changes and is not something that you feel excitement about towards the end because you can’t wait to see what everyone has been up to all summer. Now at the end of a vacation, I feel tired a bit of dread about returning to the office. I could care less how people have changed over the week that I have been away. Now my perfect vacation involves resting and logging on to to watch great movies and relax while I am away from paperwork and the hectic office schedule. I used to feel that vacation meant going somewhere exotic and exciting. Now vacation means simply relaxing and getting away from those that I see forty hours week a week. I am looking forward to the next vacation, even though it is only a one-day holiday.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Today is a brand new me...starting with meal time!

School officially began today and as I came home to an empty house filled with clutter and toys I decided this year WILL be different. Now I have said this every year I make a fall resolution (it is sort of like my new year's resolution but begins when summer ends) but this year I am going to make it stick. So I sat down and made a list of things that get neglected because I feel overwhelmed or run out of time. My two biggest problems are laundry and cooking. I read somewhere to start doing one full load a day including putting it away (always the part that gets me) so I will start this today and see how quick the clothes in a basket everywhere scene changes. My ultimate problem is making dinner-I never cook early enough which means we eat out which leads to putting on more weight and having less is a vicious cycle! Now I have also started canning some of our fruit and vegetables to save some money and imagine my surprise when I learned all my pressure cooker can do...ok it was all wrote out in the manual and on the box but it was an amazing discovery for me today. I have the Fagor Pressure Cooker and can cook chicken in fifteen minutes that is the same amount of time it would take to get to any restaurant. The pressure cooker also comes with a great recipe book that is broke down into specific meats and meals along with average cooking time for each meat. The Fagor Duo Pressure Cooker is the  #1 Recommended Pressure Cooker Model Rated by Cook’s Illustrated Magazine and is extremely easy to operate. I personally had no clue how to use a pressure cooker and thought it would be great for canning but was amazed at all the time/money saving uses one little "pot" could do! The pressure cooker also comes with a 10 year warranty and can be used on a variety of surfaces including gas, electric, ceramic, and induction. The 18/10 stainless steel pressure cooker also comes with a stainless steal steamer basket with trivet that makes amazing tasting broccoli florets and cheese-yum! Overall I more than pleased with my Fagor Pressure Cooker and am very excited to not only save time while cooking but save calories because I will be eating at home.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Wanted to Share a photo I took- hope it makes you smile :)

Ready for some football?

School is back in session, the days are getting shorter, and that means it is almost football season! Now you should know that I do not actually watch the games but love to have people over on Sundays for dinner and the game. My husband on the other hand has this weird thing with the other guys were they try to find a shirt to wear to make the other guys my task is always to find a site that has a shirt that the other guys won't find or show up wearing. I know this sounds ridiculous but I have actually enjoyed the thrill of hunting down a shirt that you can't buy in stores and will make me look like I have some magic shirt finding ability. In my quest I have found SlingShot T-Shirts which offers everything from music t-shirts, cartoon, pop culture, junk food brand, music, tv, and so much more. I was able to find great team shirts that I have not been able to find anywhere else. The shirt arrived very quickly and I washed it just to make sure it was not going to come out three sizes smaller and it was perfect. My husband likes how soft the shirt feels even after washing it a couple times and the black has not faded to a weird gray color. If you are looking for great back to school shirts or something different for football season I highly recommend Slingshot T-Shirts to give you the edge needed to stand out! Slingshot T-Shirts has graciously offered to host a giveaway of the shirt seen below-enter now to win the super soft Colts shirt in your choice of size!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hard Candy-affordable cosmetics for a toddler household!

Today was a day that will go down in history as chaos fest 2011. First it was my 2 year old's first day of school-we made it half way to the door before  a giant fit was thrown then about three other melt downs because she did not want to share or be near a certain person in her class (mind you today the class was only an hour long). So when we got home we went to take naps-I heard her laughing and talking thinking nothing of it...she was just telling her animals/dolls about school no harm right-WRONG! After 30 minutes or so of her laughing and talking I went in to tell her it was quiet time and try to close her eyes....I walked in on pure chaos! Somehow she managed to smuggle my makeup bag in her room and we had lip gloss on every animal, wall, clothes, and on and on. I swear it was everywhere and I just wanted to shut the door and leave it until her dad came home. What's the upside? Well at the least the makeup was affordable...I have a few pieces of Hard Candy makeup (sold exclusively at walmart) and was lucky enough that little miss decided to use something that can be easily replaced and was not extremely dark. We went this afternoon to get a replacement lip gloss for me since I have been trying to only leave the house in real clothes-and I bought little miss her only clear gloss.  They also have nail polish that comes with a ring but I was not brave enough today to add it to the cart. All the product are under $10 so if you would like your toddler to try it out I do not recommend letting them put it on the cats (another adventure of chaos fest 2011 but that story will be for another day).  Along with being affordable Hard Candy makeup is very high quality and offers a very large variety of products. Here is my favorite gloss: Glossaholic- Sequin Saturated Lip Gloss- what a great name!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

thredUP is having a 48 hour sale!

I have told you in the past about and have been able to use them several times this past year. Now my little one starts school in two days so I have been trying to gather up clothes for the coming year-of course she always has a growth spurt mid winter so I have to be on the lookout for both sizes. also lets you trade your boxes with other members for credit and when you have enough you can get a box for free! Right now they are having a sale offering 30% off:

Sale Starts: August 24, 12:01 am EST
Sale Ends: August 25, 11:59 pm PST

Happy Shopping!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Want to look your best for less?

Now if you have been following along I am on a mission to put some color in my closet this fall! Seriously I now have two shirts in my closet that are not black or white and am on a mission to make my closet pop by September. While shopping at Jc Penny I saw a brand that is worth mentioning-B Wear. Although I want to dress in all the latest fashions my wallet just does not allow to spend thousands on clothes so B Wear is going to be my go to brand for fall. I saw tons of styles that are in the magazine and hot with all the stars for a fraction of the price. I am in love with all the belted coats, sweaters, and ruffles! The quality and detail on the clothes is worth every penny-as you know I am a stickler for clothes that last and stitching that will hold up more than two washes (and of course one silly toddler pulling on every button and sleeve). The B Wear line is available online and in stores at Jc Penny's. Keeping up with my black & white theme here is the shirt you will have a chance to win:

Win a pair of Jolly's garden shoes!

I have ruined so many shoes outside trying to get the yard perfect. My first pair of shoes got wet while watering the plants then while "drying" in the garage they ended up being the funkiest smelling tennis shoes ever! So I tried a pair of flip flops but those did not provide any support and I could not dig besides the fact that my feet were coal black by time I came in the house. I knew there just had to be a great pair of shoes that were meant for outdoor/garden use. I soon came across Jolly's garden shoes and clogs. I soon fell in love with the patterns and thought these shoes can't be worse than the flip flops! Shipping was very fast....I think my shoes arrived in three days! Shipping is $4.99 no matter how big the order-we all know how I feel about paying more in shipping then you do for the actual product so this was perfect! When my shoes arrived I slipped them on and was surprised to find how well they fit. I have large feet so my shoes are either a little snug or I have to go a size up and they are a little loose but these clogs fit like a dream. I have now had them a little over a month and am proud to say that they have not only lasted without any weird side effects but also look in great condition (as I have said I am hard on my outdoor shoes!). Here are my adorable clogs:

Enter to win your choice of garden shoes or clogs-you pick the style and the size!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back to School Giveaway-Optari tote-2 winners!!

Looking for a great bag for back to school tote bag that will get noticed? I always like to provide the kiddos with something that will allow them to express their own personalities while being functional and affordable. My kids were big into adding jibits to their shoes so when I say Optari totes I knew they would be perfect! The company offers many different sizes and styles of bags. We personally own a tote bag which was great for the beach this summer and will go on to be used at dance class and at school. Optari also offers zip backpacks for kids that prefer that style over tote bags..not going to lie we are a huge tote bag family! The great thing about the Optari tote bags are that they are colorful so it makes them easy to spot in the crowd and you can personalize with interchangeable charms that are made for all ages. When we used the tote at the beach this summer I had a more adult theme charm on the bag since I had to lug it around with all the towels. The bag is waterproof and super easy to clean if anything spills such as juice or just needs a quick wipe down. Here is an Optari tote (also available in backpack style and wristlets):

Friday, August 19, 2011

Enter to win a Hot Wheels Nitro Speeder!

Now I know there are a ton of options available when it comes to toys but I have a feeling the Hot Wheels Nitro Speeder is going to be one of the "it" toys this holiday season. The Nitro Speeder is a small remote control car that is a mother's dream come true! The remote control serves three purposes: to control the car, to charge the car, and the best one: to store the car! Now I do not have to worry about having the remote but not the car or the car and not the remote-both are easily stored together and can make our road trips without filling the whole suitcase. The car is a big hit in our house-except for the cats who do not like being "raced" or as I like to call it chased by the least it is not a huge monster truck that can run them over! The car has also been taken down the steps and has survived...although I am not recommending that the cars are made for falling down a flight of stairs-our little car has survived and gone on to race another day! Don't let the size fool you-the speed and detail of the car and amazing...our car has become affectionately known as "bones" because of the skull detail on the side. Here is a glimpse at the Hot Wheels RC Nitro Speeders: Happy Racing!

Enter to win a Duckle Dance Gift Pack & chance to win a $500 dance scholarship!

What in the world is a Duckle Dance you ask? Well like you I had no idea and was not even sure what a "Duckle" could possibly be...maybe a duck mixed with something that ended with uckle? Well the Duckle Dance is a little bit of ballet, a little bit of tap, and a whole lot of individual personality! Here is a great video on how to do the Duckle Dance

Now my favorite part of the Duckle Dance is that although they show you specific steps the best Duckle Dancers incorporate their own personality and let the fun show in their own crazy moves! Do you think your child is the best dancer (come on we all know our kids are the best!) then do not forget to enter them into the Duckle Dance Sweepstakes presented by Capezio and Wisharoo Park. The contest ends September 1, 2011 and is open to any child! I find DanDan and Della to be the perfect role models for preschool children- they show that every child can have fun and most importantly increase self-esteem and imagination using dance.  Right now you can enter below to win the great sweepstakes prize pack which includes: one pair of Capezio Daisy ballet shoes, one pair of Capezio Jr. Tyette tap shoes, one Capezio logo drawstring backpack, one limited edition Do the Duckle commemorative t-shirt, one Wisharoom Park 2 dish, 13 episode DVD set, and six Wisharoo Park Wish Star finger puppets.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Spa for Ma Blog Hop is a blog for frugal moms who love their families! Discover tried and true recipes, menu plans, frugal tips, couponing, awesome reviews and giveaways, and much more creativity for everyday!

Spa for Ma prize pack includes:

1. Bracelet from Jewelry Bar
2. Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford kit
3. Lovemode $25 gift card
4. 30 meals in one day cookbook

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sponsor Highlight-Jewelry Bar

Ok ladies-a spa for ma event would not be complete without some fabulous jewelry. I would like to introduce Jewelry Bar. The company prides itself on fine jewelry and each piece is hand selected with a very limited edition available of each piece. I own one of their bracelets and cannot begin to express how well the jewelry is made. Imagine a two year old putting the bracelet on her foot and stretching it to unimaginable lengths...while I watched in disbelief (time seemed to go on forever) the bracelet passed the toddler test! I love that the bracelet can easily turn my boring white shirt and black skirt into something worth wearing because it really does make the outfit pop! If the jewelry alone does not make you want to buy from Jewelry Bar- they are one of the most generous companies I have come across is a long time. During its existence, Jewelry Bar has taken part in charity events benefiting such organizations as CouldYou? (a non profit organization that fights poverty in Mozambique), Nomi Networks (a non profit organization that fights against human trafficking), LINK (a non profit organization that helps New York children learn how to read) and Postpartum Progress (a non profit organization that provides help and information on perinatal mental illness for pregnant women and new mothers). Here is the amazing bracelet you can win-registrar under the spa for ma event !

Sponsor Highlight-Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford

Ok mom, grandma's, and all my beautiful ladies it is time for the greatest spa for ma giveaway....a Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford kit! The kit includes a one month supply of the five core items and three bonus sample size items. The five core items are the Skin Softening Cleanser, Antioxidant Day Cream, Anti-Aging Night Cream, Firming Chest and Neck Cream and the Lifting Eye Cream. The sample size items are the Glowing Serum, Wrinkle Smoothing Capsules and Deep Cleansing Mask.  I personally use each of these products and plan to continue until I age gracefully. Each of the products has a different purpose: cleanse, protect, restore, revitalize, and purify. The proof is truley in the photos of Cindy Crawford she looks amazing and not a day over 30! My personal favorite is the skin softening cleanser it make my skin feel fresh and ready for a brand new day. Anyone have dark circles and crow creases around the eye? I swear my eyes and smile lines add so many years to my face before using Meaningful Beauty. Each and evey product has not only made me feel better but has also made a difference in making me look fresh faced and ready for the world. Hey if I plan on losing weight I might as well start feeling great about my age and body!

Sponsor Highlight- Lovemode

Back to school times means one thing-I actually have to get dressed and look nice to take my daughter to all of her school events. While looking at my closet I basically have two choices black or white. When did my closet become so blah? Seriously I can understand the large amount of black with an infant but I seriously need to find some trendy juniors clothes that will fit into my 20 something style and fit my body. I have found a great store called Lovemode that offer cheap junior clothes that are both in style and fit your average size person. The shirt I ordered was not to short and tight and actually made me feel great about my body instead of showing off every lump and bump. Now my shirt had flower detail which I was in love with but a little hesitant once I had to wash the shirt-after holding my breath during the wash cycle the flower came out in tact and you would not even know it had been tossed around in a washer and dryer.  Now I know some people hate ordering online because of shipping but Lovemode offers free shipping in the US-no minimum purchase required! Here is my favorite piece: Don't forget to registrar to win a $25 gift card in the Spa for Ma event!

Sponsor Highlight-30 Meals in one Day!

As you have all read we are on our family journey to lose weight! Now eating out every night does not help but it is so time we are all home it is way after 7 and who has time to cook? Once I did try cooking for the week but in the end I found the dishes far out weighed having a mere four days of not cooking. Then I found the greatest book ever- 30 Meals in One Day Dinner is Ready! I can now spend one day cooking and have a month's worth of meals but the greatest part is how the book breaks everything down. There is a menu area, a guide for what to freeze and not to freeze, and a shopping and preparation action plan. I have now tried this once for today-next month and was actually surprised how easy the planning went with the tips of shopping and what to do the night before. We have also added our own little tip of cleaning while it cooks. At the end of the day all the food was cooked and most of the dishes were done because we cleaned while the slow cooker and oven finished all the meals! Other variations of the book are available including a lunch and dessert book. Don't forget to register to win your very own copy in the Spa for Ma event!

Getting fit and eating better!

So we are continuing our workout plan and have now tried to change our diet. Now I am not going to lie we have had a rough past week and have fallen off the wagon hard-eating junk food and not working out but today is a new day and I am ready to hit the restart button! While walking around Target I found some all natural Asian cuisine made by Annie Chun. Now I want nothing but greasy fried Chinese rice for lunch so I decided to make some Ramon by Annie Chun's. There are many different flavors including my favorite soy ginger. It has this great sweet after taste that is amazing and does not make you feel thirsty like your traditional salty soup. It is now almost dinner time and guess what I am completely satisfied and not rummaging around the kitchen looking for sweets. I also have tried the Seaweed snacks and it was definitely something different-I actually did not feel bad about eating a snack and sharing with my daughter (once again chips have become my enemy this week).  nAnnie Chun's offers a variety of foods and sauces including noodle bowels, pot stickers, sushi wraps, and another of my personal favorites teriyaki sauce.....delicious! Annie Chun's is available in many locations including Target and the website has an easy to use store locator. I am super excited with the endless possibilities of Asian cuisine without eating out and consuming so many calories!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Win delicious dip from The Gourmet Cupboard by Kari

We are having the in-laws over for Labor Day and one thing that drives me crazy is how much the extended family likes to compare my store bought food to the "amazing" parties the sister in law has because she slaves over a stove all day...and so on and so on. Now I am a very busy lady so I needed to get some food that looks like I did all the work without actually doing anything. The hot food is going to be a little bit of a chore but I have my appetizers and desserts covered-who doesn't like fresh vegetables/fruit and pita with dip at a cookout! Thanks to The Gourmet Cupboard by Kari I am going to have the best dips imaginable. All I need to do is mix in sour cream and I will have an amazing dip that is full of flavor that any person would love to claim as their own. Now I will just have to pull out the dip tray and buy the vegetables and we are all set. The possibilities of dips available is endless including the delicious chocolate chip cheesecake dip featured below:just add cream cheese, vanilla, and butter to make this amazing treat! I can't wait to their faces when this is presented....who thought cooking could be so easy and elegent!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tutu Cute thanks to Davey Cakes!

I am super excited for my daughter's first day back to school because we have finally agreed on an outfit! Thanks to Davey Cakes she will be both adorable and not look like a crazy little diva dressed in a belle Halloween costume. We have agreed on a light pink skirt with a with shirt that says "tutu cutie". Now the best part of her new shirt was how the adorable little package arrived. We opened the box to find a little pink silicone cupcake wrapper (which I have every intention of using again and again while baking) and a little white shirt formed perfectly to look like the cupcake. Let me know you what I mean:

The t-shirt is very soft and has survived both chocolate ice cream and grape juice without leaving that weird yellow ring from the stain remover. The neck is the perfect size for little miss to slip over her head without screaming bloody murder and we all love the design! Davey Cakes has so many options from newborns to school age with so many styles and designs. If you need a unique baby shower or birthday gift I would look no further-the company is very easy to work with and has super fast shipping! We love our tutu cute cupcake and are very excited to purchase more birthday season approaches!

Win your very own Busy Hands Bear!

We recently took a vacation by car which means an hour of driving can feel like five with all of the fidgeting, questions, snack requests, and on and on. I was given the chance to take a Busy Hands Bear from Manhattan toys on our six hours road trip and am pleased to say that it did entertain little miss. The bear is very colorful and would be sure to grab the attention of any infant or toddler. It does rattle to it is a perfect gift to give to a little one who can grow into the snaps/button/zipper features. At first our little bear friend was just a pal to talk with on the car ride and show all of the trees and cows.  The bear has many different textures on his body including corduroy and canvas. When we stopped for a break my daughter discovered he had a "circle" on his shirt which later became known as a button. I was impressed that she was able to manipulate all of the snaps, zippers, and buttons. Each is very large and easy for small hands to figure out without becoming frustrated quickly...not long ago we had a meltdown over a shirt button because it was so tiny and she could not get the button in the right spot-oh the drama! I do think that with more practice with Edgar (this is our bear's name) my daughter will be more confident in buttoning and zippering and we will be able to move onto having her dress herself in the near future!  Right now Manhattan toy is offering my readers free shipping until 8/31/11-use the code TRAVELTOY. Manhattan toys are available online or at a speciality store near you! Here is our little Edgar:

Monday, August 8, 2011

Win an Eco Lips Gold Balm on an Eco Clip!

Do you ever get that white filmy ring going on after you apply chapstick? I usually either get the ring or feel like I just applied candle wax to my lips....both feel ridiculous and make me feel self conscious. Once I was unaware of the white ring and attended a pretty important event-in the end that brand went in the trash! When I heard of Eco Lips natural lip balm I thought how bad could it be-I will either get the ring or a thick layer of wax but guess what after using the balm I had smooth lips with no ring! Eco Lips is a Green American Approved Business and a member of the Organic Trade Associated. The lip balms are available in a wide variety of flavors and all three that I have tried tasted fantastic and made my lips feel very smooth.  The balm also spf 15 so it is perfect for the hot sun and wind burn lips in the winter. Eco Lips even offers their Gold Balm on an Eco Clip which would be perfect for back to school-just clip on your purse or backpack and you will never have to search for your lip balm again..if only everything was so easy!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Back to School Blog Hop!


Back to School Blog Hop Price Pack Includes:

The Children's Wear Outlet- $25 gift card

Sunbelt- snack prize pack

Lovable Labels- pack to school label prize papack $48

Register to Win

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Don't Lose any belongings this year!

"Don't lose any belongings this year" that is my goal for the school year. Now when we received the welcome back from my daughter's school they suggested labeling everything she owns that could possibly be lost. This includes shoes, coats, sweaters, backpack, and on and on. Now that is an amazingly tedious task and frankly I am not sure I can write that tiny on each tag. So Lovable Labels has come to the rescue! They have a large selection of back to school packs that include easy to use labels for everything from coats to shoes. Now we are still in a huge kitty loving phase so every label of my daughters is pink with a little cat and her name. Now since she cannot read just yet it is a perfect solution for her to look for the pink tag with the little kitty. For her teacher's or anyone else who may find her belongings it is easy to see her name and return it to her class. I am also very excited about the tag for her coat-she will be able to easily zip her coat without much struggle because her zipper was so small and difficult for her to grab. I am sure with the help of Lovable Labels we will stick to the goal of not losing any belongings this year!
Be sure to enter to win your very own Lovable Labels prize pack in the back to school hop! 

Sunbelt Snack Prize Pack!

School starts in two weeks and that means one things-time to think about snacks! Now since we are not doing a full day my daughter will only be required to bring in a snack every four weeks for the class...the requirements are that the snack should be healthy and store bought. Now those two words together along with the fact that we have a very picky little girl should be a nightmare but we have found the perfect solution-Sunbelt Snacks. Over that past few weeks we have been trying different things and surprising little miss loves their granola bars. She absolutely hates other brands so I am very excited we have found something healthy she likes that can go to school! I think it is the texture of the granola bars-others seem dry while this was the perfect amount of feeling like she was eating something sweet and not hard to chew or swallow hence the name chewy granola bars! Sunbelt offers a wide variety of snacks including granola cereal, fruit flavored snacks, fudge dipped granola bars, and fruit and grain bars. The prices are very reasonable and the snacks are sold at many stores and easy to find (the site even has a store locater if you want to check availability). One lucky reader will win their very own prize pack which will include e’re planning to provide each blog with two Sunbelt tumbler cups and 2 cartons of products (sponsors choice)!

Back to School clothes at an amazing price!

So back to school shopping is in full swing and this is my first year that I have to deal with the madness. I am shocked at the cost of school uniforms! Even if you buy the bare minimum the cost can be in the hundreds with is crazy until I found The Children's Wear Outlet. I am seriously amazed at how much you can school shirt at Meijer was $15 same shirt at The Children's Wear Outlet are half the price or more. I was able to get my daughter two school shirts, a pair of pants, and a pair of gloves for $25! If your child does not wear school uniforms they offer a wide variety of clothes starting in infant sizes for a fraction of the cost. School shirt start at $4.75-that means I can buy twice as many because we all know that the white shirts will not stay white for long! Ordering online was very easy and my items were shipped to my home in two days. Everything has been washed and the pants have already been worn with no change in quality. I was actually very impressed with how thick the shirts were...I was expecting lower quality since it was a lower price but there is no difference between our store bought shirts that cost and arm and a leg and the very well priced shirts at The Children's Wear Outlet.
Be sure to enter to win your very own $25 gift card in the back to school hop! 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Looking for a great birthday gift?

We have a 50th birthday party coming up in the next few weeks and I have been brainstorming about the perfect present. Then I thought of the greatest gift- a birthday keepsake. My daughter has one from the day she was born and it gives all the statistics, meaning of her name, and a photo from the hospital. The keepsake is laminated and has been very durable (little miss likes to use it as a "book"). Birthday Keepsake also offers wedding/anniversary themed keepsakes, growth charts, and name wish poems. It is super easy to order online with detailed step by step directions. A person is also available to answer your questions or if you need help. After I created my order the product shipped very fast and we had our keepsake in hand ready to display. I was very impressed that the order arrived in great condition in a think envelope-I was a little skeptical that a corner or something would get bent but upon arrival it was in perfect condition. If you need a gift that will hold a special meaning I would highly encourage a Birthday Keepsake. Now my daughter can look back and know what happened on her birthday and how much the world can change in a few short years. The keepsake breaks down a little about the birthday girl/boy, events that occurred on the day they were born, and events from the year they were born. Here is an example of the adorable designs available:

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Introducing Kidzikoo-the koozie for kids!

It has been unbearably hot here the past few weeks. I swear as soon as I give little miss a Popsicle or drink with ice both are melted instantly. Now she is terribly picky and always wants a cold drink...seriously when she asks for a drink she says "cold drink with ice peese". Not only does her drink get cold super quick but it leaves wet little rings all over the place. I tried using a koozie but that was just one crazy mess so I knew there had to be a great mind out there to solve my problem. Ta da- Kidzikoo makes adorable kid sized koozies for sippy cups and baby bottles.  There are five great prints available that are kid friendly and unisex which is great if you have a house filled with both little ladies and gents! Kidzikoo keep cold drinks cold and warm drinks warm which is great for our house since it takes my daughter an eternity to drink anything. My favorite thing is no more water rings! The Kidzikoo soaks up condensation and keeps little hands dry and warm. I am happy to announce that our Kidzikoo fits all of our sippy cups and will fit most 8-12 oz. bottles and sippy cups. Never again to have to hear little miss cry that her ice is all gone! As an added bonus I can easily tell which cup is hers at playgroup because we have the only "squishy puppy cup".  The Kidzikoo is a must for anyone with toddlers-easy to easy and just throw in the wash when it gets sticky! Here is our Kidzikoo:

Monday, August 1, 2011

Ever wanted your own personal assistant?

So I have to admit with my daughter's first of school approaching I am a little more than nervous. I now have three calendars just to keep up with activities, work, and our personal life and have no idea how to mesh it all into one with school activities added. My calendar is seriously crazy and I have tried everything from color coding to making an online spread sheet. Well I have now found a perfect solution-AboutOne. It is this fabulous little website that is just like having a personal assistant. The site allows to enter all the information on your family and organizes everything to make it simple and quick to make sure nothing is forgotten. Imagine this-2 weeks ago I am pushing my daughter on a swing and thinking hmmm I am sure we have a doctor appointment this week for your yearly check up-called the office and found out we missed the appointment and I have to wait to reschedule. I am so happy with the service-now I can log in and print a babysitter checklist, home maintenance list, and even send out a newsletter to let our family know all the current events. You can even track your finances and car maintenance. This easy to use site is safe and allows you to be the organized person that is somewhere in all that chaos. Right now my readers can try a Free Trial! Please share your AboutOne stories below-it has truly changed my way of "organizing"...I look forward to reading your comment :)

Enter to win a Scratch & Sketch from Peter Pauper Press

We are headed back to visit family this month and now that my daughter is older and does not fall asleep instantly in the car I needed to find something that will keep her busy for more than three minutes! Peter Pauper Press came to the rescue with their scratch & sketch books. These books come with a nice wooden stylus to scratch of the coating to reveal the colors of the picture. My daughter has already scratched off a few pages and loves to see what color will be underneath. I love the book because it does not require any crayons or markers! We had an incident with our little peanut drawing on the car seat which was not an easy thing to clean. I am also a big fan of the spiral binding. My daughter tends to color hard and often rips out the pages on accident which is not easy to explain...imagine a room full of coloring books taped together.  The books come in a variety of styles and have activities for everyone including teens and adults. Peter Pauper Press offers many fine gifts and books including holiday items, calendars, journals , and stationary.  There is something for everyone and every occasion-be sure to enter to win your very own scratch & sketch below!