Thursday, January 31, 2013

From Our Hearts to Yours Hop

Welcome to the 2nd annual From Our Hearts to Yours Valentine’s Day Giveaway Hop hosted by Life With Two Boys and With Our Best. Each blog participating has a prize of at least $25 worth of Valentine-related items so after you have entered my giveaway, I encourage you to hop along and see what the other bloggers are giving away too!

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Otterbox-best phone cover ever!

So the post you have all been waiting follow up on the Otterbox! So I heard about this great phone cover that was amazing for the iphone but had no idea how much it would change my life. I actually saw a video online of someone dropping their phone from the top of their car as they drove off and the screen did not shatter! So what happen when my Otterbox arrived? I was beyond thrilled-no longer did I have to delicately place my phone in a separate pouch so my keys did not scratch the glass. I also had a ton of choices to pick from...I ended up getting a very cute cover with branches on the back.

 It really fits my personality perfectly and feels very grown up unlike many of those kiddish covers I see in the store. So what about the quality? The case seems very sturdy and likely to hold up in my world. So far my preschooler has dropped the phone twice from her seat and three or four times on the carpet. I love being able to hand my phone over for her to play games without having to worry about it being dropped and broken. I also love the ease of the using the case-it does not change the amount of pressure I need to use the buttons which is perfect for my arthritic hands. We loved our Otterbox so much we have decided to purchase one for my husbands phone and to get one for my sister in law for her birthday. Otterbox even offers cases for the kindle, nokia phones, blackberry, and more!

 Be sure to check their facebook and twitter for updates!

Friday, January 18, 2013

New Year-New Me Part Two: My Health part 1 of 4

As I have touched on over the years I suffer from severe arthritis and fibromyalgia. This is the year I begin to take better care of myself. I am going to start with taking my medication and vitamins. I have so many random things that I do on a day to day basis that I always seem to forget to take care of myself. After the rush of the morning routine I get home and often cannot remember if I took my medicine or be safe I usually skip it instead of taking a double dose. This usually led to me not taking my medication and having to muddle through the day deciding if I should take the risk and possibly double dose. I knew there had to be something out there to get my health in order so I began to search....pretty much most of my efforts turned up those day pill containers but I have tried that with no luck. I am the person that forgets to refill the days or takes the wrong day at the wrong time which through the whole schedule off (much like I thought today was Thursday all day-thank goodness my three year old knows better!). So finally I stumbled upon the RX Timer Cap-as their slogan says "It's simple. It's smart. It's about time!" So what does the cap do? It has a digital timer on the top that tells how long it has been since your last pill. I know its simple but it is a life savor!

Each morning now when I get home from running like a mad lady I can look at the tops of the vitamins and pills and see who actually got their medicine for the day and how much time has passed since they last took their pill. We especially found this useful for my daughters antibiotics. She had to take them three times a day and it was hard to remember if we have her the medicine with her meals and I never knew if my husband had given it while I was at work. This is a must have for any household and would be a great investment as flu season gets in full swing! Want to buy the RX Timer Caps? They are available online here and at select retail locations including Tops in New York/Pennsylvania and Bartell Drugs in Washington.

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Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year-New Me Part One: Style

So I want to take this next week and focus on how I am planning to change things this year-my blog, our lifestyle, my style...there are many changes on the way!

The first thing I really want to focus on is my style/lack of wearing normal clothes. I have gotten into this horrible rut of throwing on comfy clothes and staying in them all day....I read that if you look good you feel good and I am ready to change things up!
Off to the store I went and really was not happy as I shopped...everything is made for a certain body type and I am not ready to give up on looking my age just so my clothes cover my body. So what do I do when I cannot find what I guessed it-online shopping! Of course most of the online stuff was more cookie cutter clothes and I really want something different-something that really brings about my personality. So in my search I found Holy Clothing-at first glance I fell in love with many of the dresses. There were so many different cuts and lengths to choose from-not just super long or super
short. This is one of my favorites the Daisy Crochet Lace Peasant Boho Cotton Tiered Maxi Sun Dress 

I really love the color and the length of the dress. I have a hard time finding grown up maxi dresses that do not cost a fortune and have a look that will stand the test of time. Shipping was very fast and the detail on the dress was amazing. It is 100% cotton so it was really soft and even after washing several times felt like it did when it first arrived. I absolutely love that I can throw the dress in the wash and hang to dry-so easy and really makes a difference from dry clean only clothes. Holy Clothing has so many options including tops, pants, cloaks, and dresses. I even say a photo of a wedding party in their dresses since they are so affordable and sure to last.
Holy Clothing is a family-owned business that really strives to meet customer satisfaction and has a quick and easy ordering process.
I am very excited for summer to order more pieces for my summer wardrobe-with all the great colors and options I will finally have a grown up comfortable wardrobe minus all the hoodies and yoga pants!
Be sure to visit Holy Clothing on facebook to keep up with the new style and deals!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mama's Got A New Look Hop

We just rang in 2013 a few days ago and with a New Year comes the chance to develop a new YOU!  Welcome to the Mama's Got a New Look Giveaway Hop Event.  The Blogging Mamas Network, along with over 30 other fabulous bloggers, want to give the special, deserving Mamas a chance at getting a New Look for the New Year!
This Event will run from January 3-17 and each blogger in the hop has a great prize, worth at least $25, to help you achieve that new look!  While you're hopping be sure to check out the TWO Grand Prizes for this Event - the Active New Look and the Fashionista New Look for Mamas!  Enter the Grand Prize HERE.
Enter Using the rafflecopter form below to win 1 of 2 great prize packs!

1. Family Stickers $30 giftcard

2. Craftcuts $30 giftcard

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Here comes the flower girl-vote for your flower girl baskets!

So the holidays are over and now it is time to start focusing back on the blog and our newest adventure-my best friends wedding! I am so excited this time is so much more than simply showing up in a hideous dress and playing bridesmaid-plus little miss is going to be the flower girl! Just look at the adorable dress that is in the running:
Of course I am off to try to make the perfect matching hairband and find the perfect flowers and flower girl baskets. The wedding will be dinosaur theme in a classy history museum setting so I have to find the perfect basket. What do you think about the unique basket available at Weddingstar

I really want to incorporate the them of the basket and love all of the great designs they have to offer-anything that can be ordered online and custom made is a plus! I really love this one for a beach wedding...who knows maybe my parents renew their vows I can talk them into a beach theme?

The flower girl is such an important part of the wedding-ours was only two and a complete nightmare but everyone remembers her petal filled dress and matching flower girl baskets. It really is not about being flashy and complicated and I really love all the simplistic styles at Weddingstar (not to mention the great price after the cost of the dress!). I really do want to be budget conscious this year and put on a fabulous wedding for my best friend-bring on the ribbon, lace, bows, and small details that make it all work. For now I will focus on finding the perfect flower girl basket for little about this one for a dinosaur theme-white which the main dress color?