Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Great Swag Swap 2/29-3/7

Welcome to The Great Swag Swap Giveaway Hop hosted by Gypsy Mama Logsand Mama goes BAM. This is a special event to thank you our readers, and is your 2nd chance to get your hands on some of the best swag from some of your favorite bloggers.
The event begins at 12:01 AM February 29 & ends 11:59 PM March 7th!!

Use the rafflecopter form below to win a butler bag-never used! Here is a current photo of the fabulous prize offered by free & frugal mommy of one! 

Leaping Blogs Blog Hop!

Welcome to the Leaping Blogs Blog Hop organized by Savey Spender. Come check out some great giveaways and find some new blogs to read and check out. Every blog has it’s own giveaway so make sure to visit them all!

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Saving Carpets One Cup at a Time

While I love having carpeting in my home I find it to be impractical with a toddler using sippy cups and twins visiting everyday with leaky cups. While cleaning this past week I found a cup that had slipped under the chair sideways of course full of milk. Not only was the cup now almost empty but the carpet was stained and smelly. Isn't it amazing how babies and toddlers ALWAYS set their cups down on their side. Well I found a mother's saving grace-the m0mma spill proof cup! The cup is BPA free and ergonomic for baby's hands. What does that mean for you-no more spills! The cup actually rocks because of the ball shape and not only prevents spills but entertains baby while drinking. Because the cup stays upright the drinking spout never touches the floor which promotes hygiene and includes a protective cover for the spout while in your diaper bag. The cup is made from the latest spill proof technology that only delivers the liquid when the baby is drinking-no more leaky lids! m0mma cup can go in both the dishwasher and the microwave which makes it perfect for any baby (6+ months) learning to use a spill proof cup. Use the rafflecopter form below to win your very own m0mma cup!

Looking for a fun bridal shower gift?

This year is packed with weddings-it seems all of my friends have decided to get married in the same year within two months of each other. That means that not only do I have to come up with super cute bachelorette and bridal shower gifts but I need to find five different yet similar items. Now since three of these lovely ladies are my college roommates I know that anything wine related will be a hit. I did not want to just stick to a nice bottle of wine but something that would be fun and really let our personalities and memories shine which led me to Woozie. Now we have all seen koozies but never have I seen a wine koozie! The patterns are amazing and they have so many choices each gift can be personalized with pattern. Woozie is a small family run business based in Raleigh, NC that supplies to many local shops as well as online shopping. The company also sells a Hangover which is a hands free holder for your wine glass. The colors match the Woozie perfectly and will be a perfect addition to my bridal shower gifts. Just look at all the amazing Woozie's available!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nutrisystem Week #18

Nutrisystem week 18 has arrived with a little temptation and a whole lot of success! I have lost another pound and am now just 8 pounds shy of my goal has only been four and a half months and I have achieved more thanks to Nutrisystem than I ever thought possible! I am no longer a 179lb person who celebrates everything with food but a new person inside and out....never did I imagine I would actually be in the 150's for my anniversary trip and would actually stick to a plan. I think the biggest success of my program has been that I don't really feel like I am on a diet. I get to choose what I eat and when I eat not to mention the food is amazing. If you are still not sure and each any fast food or quick heat meals I would stress to you that Nutrisystem does give the same luxury-the meals are already made and most only take two minutes tops to heat up. It really does not get much simpler to stick to a plan and not feel suffocated by "diet food". Now I know who are all wondering if I gave in for Valentine's Day so I am happy to say that I did not eat boxes of chocolate but instead enjoyed a fruit bouquet from my amazing husband. Some of the fruit was even covered in a tiny bit of chocolate so I did not feel like I was missing anything (added bonus the fruit fit in with my Nutristystem menu). I am so eager to hit my goal in the next 6 weeks and start shopping for spring clothes!

*A big thank you to Nutrisystem for providing my food in exchange for my honest opinion*

Friday, February 17, 2012

February Freebies: February 18-21!


Welcome to the
February Freebies Giveaway Hop
February 18-21
Each participating blogger is hosting their own giveaway, with prizes worth at least $20. Be sure to hop through the list below and visit them all to enter to win! 
Now on to my sponsor & prize! 

Hapri Swimwear offers so many great choices of mix & match bottoms and tops and one piece! I am personally a fan of their tankinis with big ruffles...just look at this great suit for spring break and summer vacation!

Hapri really has a swimsuit that can fit any body type including juniors, plus size, mens, and mastectomy swimwear. I am very excited to take my Hapri Swimwear on our anniversary trip this summer-it has been such a long time since I have owned a swimsuit that is both flattering and fashionable! No longer do I need to hide in a horrible floral print unflattering swimsuit-I can cover up what I want and look like I stepped right out of a magazine.

Use the rafflecopter form below to win a $85 to Hapri Swimwear!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sponsor Highlight-3 Board Chicks!

It is that time of year for weddings, new babies, and spring remodeling! Since my husband and I married almost 5 years ago I have always wanted an "Established in" sign like this: (photo from

Well I searched but the cost of the boards was ridiculous! I even found some in magazines that were not made of real wood but cost an arm and leg! So as we approach our big anniversary I decided it was time to finally buy our family sign. Much to my surprise I found a great website called which had the "Established in" sign at an amazing price! The company has been around six years and has remarkable customer service. Before I tell you about my perfect new addition I would like to feature the unique ordering process. When ordering you place a mock order and the company creates a sample of what the board will look like and you received a proof via email. Only at that time do you pay via paypal which increases security and the there is no risk of your credit card information being hacked or taken from the order form because it is not needed! As someone who has had identity theft this is a truly fresh breath of air for shopping online. Now on to the amazing boards available. When our board arrived it was packaged so carefully that I was beyond impressed. The board was covered in bubble wrap and very secure to protect from nicks and scratches. The board itself is very durable and exactly as pictured in my proof-I was amazed at how the color matched exactly what I ordered. My personal favorite part of the board is the hook on the back-only one center hook to hang! I do not like the hooks that are on either side because I can never get it even and always end up with tons of tiny of holes in wall. If you are looking for a unique wedding shower gift or just something special to brighten up your home I highly recommend have received so many compliments and it really does make our house our home.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Nutrisystem Week #17

Another week has passed-I cannot believe how fast my Nutrisystem journey is going! This week is a little rough because I know that in a few days it will be Valentine's Day which happens to be my favorite holiday ever and of course is based on eating. Every year I literally buy/receive everything sweet under the sun-chocolates, chocolate chip cookie cake, ice cream cake, hard candy, and on and on. While shopping for my daughter's Valentine's for school I am growing more and more nervous that I won't make it without eating boxes of chocolate. I lost a few ounces last week but gained an even bigger victory-my pants were loose! Now I don't mean falling off me loose but they had a little more room to breathe than before. That is a true victory for me regardless of what the scale may say I know that I have taken another step in the right direction. Looking forward to a big weight loss next week as I change my exercise routine!

*A big thank you to Nutrisystem for providing my food in exchange for my honest opinion of the program* 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

3D Movies are on the rise-get your pair of EX3D!

Have you noticed that 3D movies seem to be popping up everywhere? Disney is releasing Finding Nemo in 3D and I have a feeling we will be there on opening night! We even have a 3D movie called Shark Boy & Lava Girl which seems to be the it movie of the week....the downside is that those paper 3D glasses have not survived. My daughter has ripped those glasses to shreds and does not like to have a "paper face". Luckily EX3D makes fantastic 3D eye wear for everyone! The glasses are far from your traditional red & blue paper glasses-there are so many styles that no longer do I wait for the lights to go out to put on goofy looking paper glasses. My daughter likes them because they are her "special movie glasses" and they look just like her sunglasses. EX3D makes glasses for the whole family in a variety of sizes which means that my daughter can have a pair in her size and I can also have a pair that fit perfectly-no more one size fits all or paper glasses falling off during the movie! Here are my personal favorite-perfect color and size for any fashionista:

The glasses arrive in their own case which is easy to carry and prevents the glasses from being scratched.The glasses feel well made and have withstood several outings with my energetic two year old!  EX3D really are a must for any movie lover-high quality and high fashion at its finest! 
Twitter  @EX3DEyewear

Friday, February 3, 2012

Possibly My New favorite product-Cargo Sock!

You may or may not have gathered from being part of the family over the years but I am not a real stickler about having things eat of the floor clean...unless of course it is my car. I drive a car that is now longer being made and I think I may have a small heart attack the day the car dies. Because my car is so important I do have the floors covered and all seat's have car seat mats to protect against spills and crumbs. Even though my Pacifica is now human proof to some degree it is not "oh this can fit in your car" proof. Because all the seats lay flat my husband takes my car on all of his adventures and really does treat it like a rusty old pick up truck. Of course a vacuum can only clean up so much and it does not protect against scratches. We are now trying to repair two rooms in our home which means cement, wood, shingles, and dust! I knew there had to be something better to protect my car then just throwing a blanket in the back end so I searched and searched until I accidentally stumbled upon the Cargo Sock. How in the world did I not know that it existed all of these years! The Cargo Sock is exactly how it sounds-a sock for your SUV to protect from whatever you may be hauling at the time!
Now Imagine no pine needles to clean up! My husband has used our Cargo Sock this weekend to haul all of his cement that there was not a speck left when he was done and the Cargo Sock can be stored nicely in a bag until you need it again. Not only does the Cargo Sock maintain the trade in value of your car but it also promotes our economy. Cargo Sock is proudly made in the USA...not often can I share that about many products and I know many people only shop products made in the USA. I can truly say that my Cargo Sock is a sanity more mess and no more arguments about who will clean up the mess from all the hardware store trips. Still not sure if the Cargo Sock is for you? Here is a great video of the Cargo Sock in action:

The Cargo Sock ships free in the USA and literally pays for itself by keeping up the value of your car!

Nutrisystem Week #16

Hi everyone! Can you believe the amazing weather we are having (at least here in the mid west). It has seriously not dropped below 40 everyday which means I get to go back out and walk. At the beginning of my Nutrisystem adventure I relied heavily on walking and I must say that I think walking is my thing. This past week as my husband began to loose weight at huge very quickly I actually found myself a little upset. I know when I combine Nutrisystem and hard work it pays off but he barely does anything and the pounds melt away...I know it was just like that when I started but still it stings just a bit! Now when it comes to working out I drag my feet like crazy but with walking it never seems like a workout. I love the feeling and to watch everyone else out and about enjoying the weather-it really is a look into what is important in life! I am getting back on my game and found talking to my Nutrisystem ladies helps...after all I am not the first to have weight loss envy! I am holding strong at 22 pounds lost and have five pounds until my goal-and then time to set the 140 mark....after all I want to be around for my daughter for a long time! Now I do have to share an amazing story with you about another lady who lost 123 pounds on Nutrisystem. If this story doesn't show how the program works and is really a life changer I don't know what would. Here's to living a long healthy life!

* thank you Nutrisystem for providing my meals in exchange for my honest opinion*

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Earth Day Event-Sign Up Now!

There is no better time to be eco-friendly than now. Join me in the Earth Day Event hosted by ShePromotes and Way2Goodlife and sponsored by Eco-Foil from April 10, 12:01 EST to April 22 11:59 PM EST. Click here for more info.

Valentine's Day Giveaway Hop

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