Sunday, July 31, 2011

Do you need some help with the household chaos?

Do you ever feel like you are cleaning or running errands constantly and missing out on valuable time with the kids? I know in my house I try to keep things organized (which is an epic failure) and try to spend time with my daughter but something has to give! I then heard a great little saying "clean less, play more". I thought to myself I must know the secrets of Stephanie O'Dea the author of Totally Together. She has created a great book/planner full of tips for organizing your life with shortcuts and useful reminders. The book includes seven daily chores that anyone in the family can do in just minutes, yearly, seasonally, monthly, and weekly chores divided into bite-sized chunks, household tips and cleaning shortcuts, guide for setting up meal plans,fun, fast recipes, reproducible grocery list with check boxes, an action plan for keeping the entire family organized, and much more! The tips section is an easy read that quickly and efficiently gets the house organized and ready for the daily seven. I have only just begun my adventure but I know that with all the available tips and a little practice I will be enjoying my daughter more and having a tidy house that seems to take care of itself!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Can't believe it is almost August!

August will begin next week which means we have a few weeks to have our last summer barbecue-after that everyone will be back to school and very busy! Now let me tell you about my last experience with our outdoor party. It was my daughters birthday and early June so we set up our canopy and put all the food underneath. You would think that the canopy would be perfect and provide all the shade needed but it was an epic failure! My poor daughter's cake melted and we had tiny bowls of melted cheese. It seems that the canopy does not cause as much shade as I thought! Well I just knew that there had to be a clever something available to solve this problem. Much to my delight I found the ezShade. Now I have two simple words for this product-pure genius! Let me show how this product works before I tell you about all the great things it does!
The ezShade is very light (20 oz) and I was able to put it up all by myself. It does in come in many varieties including a shade for umbrellas, 8x8 canopy , 10x 10 canopy, and you can even customize. Every ezShade comes with a matching tote making it super easy to take anywhere! The product is universal and attaches to any umbrella or canopy-I can personally vouch for this because it worked great on our canopy and on the in-laws canopy we borrowed over the weekend. The shade is UPF 50+ and blocks 99% of harmful sun rays. So where can you buy an ezShade? They are available at Babies R Us, Toys R Us superstores,  and Bed Bath & Beyond (online).  I am very excited to have our last summer fling and not worry about a pot of melted cheese!

Interesting read for anyone struggling with finances

Since I have decided to be a stay at home mom one thing stresses me out more than anything-money! We have so much debt- credit cards, student loans (I swear even if I was a CEO I am never going to be able to pay these off!), house payment, car payment, and on and on. You see when we were both working and it was just us my husband and I were very careless with credit- let's just call it young 20 somethings that wanted to see the world and own everything. Since moving and finishing college along with edging into my 30 somethings I have since learned what is necessary and what is just fluff....but I still have to pay for all the "toys" that we collected over the past few years. So as usual when I get desperate I google things like how to pay off debt and how to make a million dollars. Ok so the last one was just for fun but when I did type in millionaire a list of 10 things millionaires follow came up. So the writer of this list has his own website called I will teach you to be rich. The page is full of interesting articles on how average people have been able to dig themselves out of debt and learn to handle their own finances. I love that the site is broken down into relevant tabs like earn more money, buying a house, and automate your finances. Now as I have said I am not looking for investment tips but found a ton of little ways to handle what we do have a little wiser and pay down debt. I found a great little diagram dealing with your personal finance system that breaks down how much should be spent and how much of your check should go to bills, savings, and overall debt. I was actually surprised by how much money we still wasted when I broke it all down on the chart. If you are anything like me and need things spelled on paper or just need some tips on how to make your finances work for you definitely look around the I will teach you to be rich website-I am sure you will come away with at least on great tip!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Amazing clothes and amazing deals!

Now that I have lost a little weight it was time to treat myself to a new shirt-not to mention fall is around the corner and I desperately need a few new things! Now I still want to lose a few more pounds so I do not want to spend an arm on a leg on something that may be too big next year. I am also planning on buying a few of the hot style pieces for fall and let's face it the clothes will not be "in" next fall so why waste tons of money? So I happened to stumble across this great site called and guess what everything is $15 dollars! I mean everything-shoes, sunglasses, pants, purses, jackets, and on and on! Now I ordered this black shirt with a lace back and it is beyond perfect. I have washed it several times and it has not faded into that somewhere between grey and black color. I was very impressed with how fast the shirt shipped and right now if you buy 7 things you get free shipping! I have been back on the site several times to look at the great kids and men's clothes and can't wait to get all my daughter's back to school. Look at this amazing trench coat-it would cost $95 elsewhere but you can buy it for $15! 
Here another one of my favorite things: 

Clothes are available in a variety of sizes included plus size and run very true to size...they are not those misleading sizes where if you are a normal medium you better get an XL because it is a "junior size". I am so in love with this store and can't wait to hear what great deals you find!

Losing Weight & Feeling Great!

I am still sticking with working out and am losing weight slowly :) I figure it took me two years to put all the weight on so if I give myself a year to lose a little then it will actually stay off and I will be happier long term! So I have been trying many different types of workouts to make sure I do not get bored and to find something that can be fun and beneficial. So while looking for the perfect workout I came across X-Pole. Now I know that some people can be self conscious and think that "stripper aerobics" is not for them but I went in with a very open mind...after all this was the fitness craze for awhile so how hard can it be? Oh my let me tell you I do not have the upper body strength and energy that I thought! After one workout I thought I would die of pure exhaustion...I have run and swam for hours and never felt to tired in my entire life. Now the best part of the workout was that I did not feel like I was working out! It was so interesting to learn how to use your body and muscles and that I did not even know existed. So of course I am now in love with my Kendra Wilkinson Sport Pole and it really is something I can do for myself. Now I know what you are thinking-who wants a pole in their house when company comes over? The pole fits in an easy to carry black bag that I can slide under the couch when I am not working out. It fits ceilings up to 8ft 10 inches and can be put up and taken down in a matter of minutes. The pole has X joint technology and has a great adjustment system to increase/decrease the height of the pole from the base.  I was actually super surprised at how quick I was able to put the pole up and take it down by myself.  I have even had my husband try the pole to make sure it is safe and it did not budge an inch or leave any marks on the ceiling or floor.  I am very excited to learn more and increase my workout over time! Here is the carry bag:

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Self Improvement week continues!

Now I have my hair under control and the weather is starting to cool a bit I think it is time to add a little makeup to the mix. Now I am not one for getting up hours early to get ready for the day but when we go out I like to look nice :) So I have enlisted the help of Lumiess Air.  This amazing product has been featured on the doctors, life & style, tyra banks, good morning america, and many more! Now when my package first arrive my first thought was "what I am thinking I am no makeup artist-I better send this back!" then the adventurous side took over and I thought "ok if I look like a clown nobody will see me but my dog".  So I tried it and guess what not only was it super easy to use but I actually looked fantastic (not to gloat but I look like a million bucks-really!) So now I am hooked and guess what it does not take long at all! Other than making my skin look amazing Luminess Air has many other benefits including a weightless makeup look, minimizing wrinkles, pores, and uneven skin tone, and it is trusted by dermatologist because you are not using sponges which can cause cross contamination. The package comes with a great dvd and clear instructions. Picking your ideal color is easy and all of the different colors are available online. Trust me if I think using Luminess Air is easy-anyone can do it!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Another Baby is arriving this week!

I am beyond excited a new baby girl will be arriving this week. Now my dear friend will be having an amazing little girl and I cannot wait to help her accessorize and dress up that little peanut in all the frill and lace before she is old enough to know better...flash forward to my day our little princess went out in a dinosaur cape and elmo slippers! So of course before this little joy arrives I want to give her mom a small shower to fill in all the gaps of things she is missing. All of her family is so far away and I don't want her to miss out on the fun of making a bow center piece out of present ribbon and cute little favors. Now I thought I had more time to do more research but alas her tiny one will be here a few weeks early. So with little planning and a blind eye I have set out to make this a shower to remember! I have a great idea for the cake so now I just need the games and favors. Lucky me there is an entire FREE website designed around planning the perfect shower. ebabyshowergames is so easy to navigate and has saved the day....we all know that I can barely get things done let alone try to come up with clever ideas for games while my dinosaur/elmo runs around yelling for snacks! The site includes two distinct tabs one for planning any game and the other for all printable games. Since some of my guests do not know each other that well I find a great "so my water broke" ice breaker game. First person who has their ice cube melt wins-no skills needed which is fantastic since I know not everyone is loves trivia games. I was also able to print a really cute word search and a to z game. The games already had cute graphics so I literally just had to hit print! Now I am all set to have the best baby shower possible and nobody has to know that it did not take me forever to plan!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Win a prize pack from Yester Year Soap.

I love summertime because our house if always filled with endless guests and constant noise. We live just far enough away from family where they can't visit every weekend but having them stay over the summer is always an added treat. My only problem with my wonderful company is our "guest room" I use that term loosely because my husband decided he needed a studio which means my nicely decorated addition has become a futon and a small dresser. Since I cannot add to the magical of the room I try to make the bathroom as welcoming as possible which means fancy soap, shampoo, and cute little matching towels. Thanks to Yester Year Soap Company my dreams of a complete matching bathroom have become a reality! I have deiced to go with blue and the company has a soap that literally looks like clouds and smells like heaven! The soap is all natural with no added chemicals and hand made.  The company offers a large variety of scents with different options including soap loaves. I just cannot put into words how fragrant the soap is...from the moment I opened the package I knew that I no longer needed an air freshener to mask any smells in the bathroom because the soap was so fresh that the smell fills the air each time someone would wash their hands. The company even offers gift baskets for all occasion and my favorite part-they do not test on animals!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Another Overage on the Cell Phone Bill!!!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TracFone for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Ugh I have had it with this crazy cell phone overage. We now have one cell phone with a bill higher than most of our utilities and that is ridiculous. I have seen all these commercials about pre paid phones and am actually surprised at how many of my friends are trying to move to an economical plan.  The phone that I have decided on is TracFone.  I am very excited that there are no contracts, credit checks, activation fees, or cancellation fees. I do not have to worry about paying a huge fee to get out of a contract because I either have to choose groceries or the cell phone bill! After looking around the page I also found that TracFone offers tons of great phones from  Motorola, Kyocera, LG, Nokia and Samsung. I also get to keep my smart phone and my husband can choose the standard "candy bar" phone.  There are many options available including a pay per month option or the one year service card option-imagine an entire year for only $119! I am also excited that you can call internationally for the same price as you call domestically-Tracfone is the only wireless service that allows you to call internationally for the same price as any other call! The reception map is fantastic and I have no worries that we can all stay connected while cutting our bill!
Here are some great videos for more on TracFone!

Here's a video from real TracFone customers

Here's one more video from real TracFone customers

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Looking for a great bag for summer?

I officially do not have to take a diaper bag most places these days and it is beyond liberating! Now I still have to pack snacks, extra clothes, and all of my things but I get to have a trendy bag from Nicole Lee USA that actually enhances my outfit instead of sticking out like an eye sore! My bag has several great pockets and details that are incredible. I really do feel that my bag was handcrafted just for me and I love all the compliments I receive on the color. I am very pleased with how functional the bag really is and all the pocket space available to fit whatever life may throw my way! Here is one of the newest arrivals from Nicole Lee:
 Nicole Lee offers a variety of accessories including jewelry, accessories, and of course great bags! There are bags in a wide variety of sizes  and styles-Nicole Lee truly has something for everyone!

Extreme Heat=Frizzy Hair

My hair is beyond frizzy and crazy this week....time to get out the flat irons and curling irons to help with this crazy mess! Now I never really had much interest in my hair growing up but with all the pressure from the new mom's I meet looking amazing at 7am I decided to update my look and add a quick 5 minute step up routine. Now I really did not have a great idea what to look for so I enlisted the help of my hairstylist cousin and she recommended the Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron.  Now I just had to find what I was looking for at a great price which led me to the Flat Iron Experts. My Babyliss Pro eliminates static electricity, neutralizes odor, and causes less damage to the hair cuticle. I was very pleased with the overall (I love the red barrel) size, and the dual voltage feature. It easily fits in the cupboard and is perfect for on the go travel. I also love that the curls really hold in place and there is a 2 year warranty!  Flat Iron Experts offers free shipping on qualifying orders and has a low price guarantee. The site also offers how to videos for those of us that need a little hair help :) Who doesn't love getting exactly what you are looking for at a great price? Here is my newest hair care addition:

Trading Phases-Win some great artwork for your wall!

Are you looking for a quick fix to accent any room? I know we have gone back and forth on adding accents to my daughters new room but do not want to go and paint everything again just for her to change her mind in a year or two.  I also do not want to hang up a bunch of art work since the holes from the nails will last long after we change the room around a billion times. I do like to move the house around when I get antsy so it is best to stick with simple art and pieces that I can move around freely-thanks to Trading Phases I can now easily change my mind and decor without having to worry about repainting and plastering holes. Trading Phases is a great wall decal and design store that offers endless choices and ideas for every room. I was very pleased to be able to simply click on an idea and have them give me tons of possibilities that I did not even think possible! My daughter's current obsession is butterflies and here is our wall decal:
The decal arrived quickly and it was easy to peel pack the design and use the tool provided to apply everything. Trading Phases includes details instructions on how to apply your decal and a self help video link if you are still unsure-the process is super easy! We were able to get the new butterfly up in no time and the best part is when it is time for a change our paint and walls will remain in tact!

Hurry-not only can you win a gift card but Trading Phases has a video contest running with a chance to win $400!

Amazing Litter Box-Really I am amazed!!!

So I am a little sad to admit that we have more animals then we do people in our home-we have 4 cats and 2 dogs and the amount of maintenance it takes is ridiculous! Now scooping the boxes everyday used to be no big deal but lately I feel that the litter and the constant cleaning has got to stop or the cats need to find a new place! Of course we have had our fur babies for over 10 years so just getting rid of them is not an option-they are part of our family and we need to figure out a way to make this work. So I did some research and spent and insane amount of money on a cat box that is basically a glorified cat toilette and guess what 2 of my 4 cats would not use this new box because it did not use litter so now I was out a bunch of money (said company has a horrible return policy) and a cat that now thinks it is ok to go to the bathroom outside of the box because the cleaning granules of the past box were not his cup of tea. Well back to the drawing board and we got an automatic box with the rake arm-once again total disappointment. It scared 3 out 4 cats and did not even scoop all the litter up-basically another hot mess and waste of money (this one could be returned thank goodness!) Then in a last ditch effort I decided to try out the the Litter Robot. The name sounded fun and what else could possible go wrong? So this great box arrived and we read all the directions. It was super easy to set up and the whole top rotates to empty the litter into a nice cleaning pan below. We put our most cooperative cat in and watched the Litter Robot work its magic. Amazing! So we moved on to the rest of our cats and guess what-4 out of 4 cats are using the box! No more scooping, no more haste-I simply empty the the drawer that has a bag in it and I am done (no special bags required-works great with regular kitchen bags). Now what about the machine moving while a cat is inside? The step used for the box actually times the cat's entry and exit so roughly seven minutes goes past before the box cleans itself. If a cat wants to get in while the unit is moving the sensor also stops the rotation. I am telling you if you have a stubborn cat and have tried all other boxes out there I would definitely watch all the videos on the Litter Robot. It comes in three great colors and is very large inside (we have a couple very fat little fur balls). The Litter-Robot works just fine with any clumping clay litter and also accommodates a wide variety of litters, not just the premium clumping clay litters.  Litter Crystals, Pearls, and bio-degradable litters such as World's Best Cat Litter work well in the Litter-Robot.  The Litter-Robot also offer free shipping to most states and has a 90 day money back guarantee! Here is the amazing Litter-Robot:

Check out Litter-Robot on Facebook and Twitter

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Finally put in the new flooring!

So after years of going back and forth about ripping up the carpeting my husband has finally agreed and we have all new floors! I am overly excited to pick out the flooring for each room not only because it will be a nice change to the beige carpet but because I get to redo all the curtains and bedding! Of course I have a budget and while wandering around the stores I could not believe the price tag on some of the curtains! I mean I want a curtain that will actually keep the light out but not cost me and arm and a of course the online search began and I was able to find Baby Bedding Zone.  At first I just looked around for some cheap crib bedding sets for my daughter's room and was amazed at all the choices. I am thinking of keeping with an animal theme in her room much like the safari nursery and found this cute zebra print crib bedding. Can you imagine how cute her room will be in zebra print with wood floors and pink curtains! Speaking of curtains I now am the proud owner of a nice heavy set of curtains from Baby Bedding Zone and could not be happier! I personally have the Sterling Annabella Palm Beach curtains which are lined to keep light out and 100% Egyptian Cotton. They are super thick and just the right accent for the marble in the family room. What is my ultimate favorite part-I can actually wash them in the washing machine at home....if they get covered in toddler grime or pet hair no problem I can toss them in and they are good as new without looking any different from the day they arrived. The company also has free shipping on qualifying orders and a 110% price match guarantee. If you are looking for a quick cheap change that will make a huge difference be sure to check out all the girls crib bedding sets and curtains. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ready to win a Twooth Timer?

What is a Twooth Timer? Well it is this adorable little shaped tooth that teaches children how long they should be brushing their teeth. We tried singing songs and everything possible but it seemed like an uphill daughter loves to use the kitchen timer to keep on track so I just knew that the Twooth Timer would be our saving grace! Well the fist day she was very excited to be able to turn the timer and keep track of her progress-now she likes to brush the tops for "one tooth ring" and then the bottoms for "one tooth ring". I was surprised to find while reading up on the Twooth Timer that adults spend on average less than 35 seconds brushing their teeth-yikes what kind of example is this for our children? I now have also started brushing my teeth with the Twooth Timer and am surprised that I really do not think that I was giving my teeth the full 2 minute recommended brush down before I was conscious of my decision. If you have a child in your house (or even want to get the best care for your teeth) I highly recommend the Twooth Timer. I can just imagine now cute little gift baskets for back to school featuring my kids favorite toothpaste, character brush, and a Twooth Timer!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Looking for a great way to beat the heat?

It is beyond miserable here the past few days and we of course have a broken air conditioner which means a very cranky family. I did try to take my daughter to the pool but with all the other kids running around it is a nightmare-she seems to get pushed around because she is so small and there is not enough space to really enjoy the water. If you live in the Indiana area or Cincinnati (the park is in a great location near many cities) there is a great water park that we are dying to try-Big Splash Adventure! It is an indoor water park that has so much to offer including a Lost River and a Splish Splash Pool. The park is open year round and offers overnight accomadations which includes breakfast and passes to the water park. I love that the park is pirate themed and offers activities for all ages.  I know my daughter will really enjoy running in all parts of the park and the best part is many do not have height restrictions and we can enjoy the activities together! If you are looking for a great getaway with the kids this is a great solution. You can stay the night, enjoy the game room, eat dinner at the park, and enjoy the amazing water attractions! Here is Buccaneer Bay:
Other links:
Big Splash Water on Facebook

Monday, July 18, 2011

Win your very own set of Shoulder Buddies!

What is a Shoulder Buddies you ask? They are these adorable little creatures with a little puff of hair on first I was unsure of how my daughter would respond but they were a huge hit! Each Shoulder Buddie comes with a unique name and personality (the name actually spells out traits of the character!) My daughter  has decided to stick her Shoulder Buddie to her "fancy purse" and I must say I am amazed at how well the little guy has stuck. Our neighbor kids are also very fond of the Shoulder Buddies and they have made many appearances around the backyard including sticking to the swings, slide, and edge of the pool. I have a feeling that these little guys are going to be appearing on every backpack and school age child very soon! You can buy your very own Shoulder Buddies online and I was able to find them at my local Hallmark store-there is a great link to locate a nearby store  here so you can check your specific city. Want to win? You can win your very own set of Shoulder Buddies!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Win a custom poster from is offering one lucky reader a 18" x 24" Poster Semi Gloss / High Gloss (Contest ends 7/21/11).  Uprinting offers many choices when it comes to making custom posters. The process is very simple which clear directions. You first choose your poster size which includes bulk posters, mounted posters, and large format posters. After deciding which size you would like you have the option of creating a poster using your own photo or image or using the available poster templates. I personally am going to use the service for the holidays. As many of you know we do live far from the grandparents and I have the perfect shot of my daughter and her grandpa that will be great in the "man cave". I also think having my cousins sports photos turned into his very own poster and hanging next to his professional athlete posters would make an amazing gift. I tell you there really are so many different things that you can do thanks to with most products having a 1-3 day turn around! The company offers print quality assurance and has live chat assistance. also offers greeting cards, business cards, postcards, and card calendar designs. Here is a sample of their amazing work:


This giveaway is sponsored by UPrinting, no monetary compensation was given and I will receive a poster for hosting. Check out to see more of their poster, poster sizes and poster templates.

Looking for a great affordable wine?

I have taken it upon myself to host several gatherings this summer which means shopping for the perfect bottle of wine. Now I am a wine expert and when my friend tells me she was a white sweet wine I think to myself wonderful how am I supposed to find that without tasting every bottle in the store! Well if you are like me flipflop wines will become your hero! Every bottle has a chart on the back to tell you how sweet or dry the wine will taste. My party shopping will now become so much easier because I can grab a few bottles of flipflop wine and check the back to get the perfect sweet bottle. Not only is the flavor listed on the back but it also gives great suggestions as to what would be a great dish to serve with that specific bottle.  How does it taste you ask? I received nothing but compliments on the great taste and I was very satisfied at the price-$7 a bottle and they ship to many states. flipflop wines also donates to a shoe charity called soles4 souls. Each bottle of wine will help a person in need-I can't imagine a better charity or company to use for all future gatherings!

Here are the links:

To Order from flipflop wines
Find flipflop wines on facebook
Visit Soles4Souls Charity

Win a $25 gift card from Bamboo Pink

Since my daughter has started to share my love for jewelry instead of just breaking everything I have been on the search for some trendy pieces that will not break the bank. Now I have been to a ton of those home parities as I am sure many of you have but had no idea that there were actually home jewelry parties! The prices are fantastic and you actually get to try things on and see exactly what you are buying thanks to the wonderful hostess. Now I have never been to a party but I have shopped out of the catalog and let me tell you the pictures do not do the actual jewelry justice! I decided on a gorgeous pair of pearl earrings and when they arrived I was stunned at the detail and quality. Honestly I was just expecting another piece of costume jewelry that would not last but these earrings are to die for! For a limited time my readers will have a chance to experience the same great customer service from my favorite bamboo pink lady-Janice Dru. She has kindly offered to allow me to have a virtual trunk show where all of you can explore the catalog and order your pieces without hosting a show or waiting for the party to close. Of course if you would love to host your very own party and are in the New Jersey area Janice Dru would love to help plan your perfect party. Now as an added bonus anyone who places an order of $50 of more will be entered in a drawing to win a pair of charms ($22+ value when you include tax and shipping). Plus anyone who books their own virtual trunk show (or if they are within driving distance of Central NJ, they can do a home trunk show) will be given an extra $25 host credit if you mention this posting. Shopping is easy just click here and then select Our catalog
(you may have to enter Consultant # 3313). You will then see the drop down to find a trunk show and click on Free & Frugal Mommy of One-Happy Shopping!

Feel Free to explore the Look Book for items not currently in stock-Janice Dru has agreed to ship any item once in stock:

Thursday, July 14, 2011

BlogFest 2011-Slap Watch Giveaway

 Every since I have had my daughter I have been looking at trendy products that we can both enjoy. Slap Watch is a great watch that has been seen on The View, Ellen, Today, and CNN. I was very excited to come across the Slap Watch because I was a huge fan of slap bracelets when I was young and I could share my love with my daughter. Slap Watch makes a ton of varieties and you can try out many combinations before you buy. I am absolutely in love with my slap watch-it is black and goes with everything. I have even received a ton of compliments on my cute bracelet and then people get excited when they see it is a functional watch. The Slap Watch is very durable and has withstood my energetic little girl. I highly recommends these for any mother/daughter team or anyone who wants to enjoy a small piece of their childhood. 
Want to win? One person will win their very own Slap Watch junior-open to US residents.

All Ribboned Out giveaway

I would like to highlight one of the more unique etsy pages that I have found. All Ribboned Out is an amazing shop that offers many great items for military families. The company offers these adorable shirts for the special time when daddy comes home from leave:
 I personally am in love with the Remember me pillows. The pillow is customized with your photo choice and color background. The process is all very simple. You email the shop owner your photo and she sends a link over to pick the back of the pillow (there were so many choices including my personal choice an army background). The pillow is the perfect size for everyone and a great addition to the bedtime routine when daddy or mommy may be away. Here is an example of a finished Remember Me pillow.
All Ribboned Out also offers adorable tutu's and headbands....the possibilities are endless and the shop is very easy to order from. One of my favorite etsy shops with great prices and a little something for everyone!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Amazing stroller that will last from infancy to toddler years!

If I could start a baby registry class the one thing I would warn against is buying those bulky strollers that include the car seat! Just today one of my friends decided to get a cheap umbrella stroller because the her "travel system" took up so much space in the trunk and was a nightmare to lift in and out. Every single one of my friends has bought a cheap umbrella stroller which leads to more problems since the handles are practically on the ground and if you hit a tiny bump the whole stroller feels like it will fall apart. I was determined to not let my newest pregnant friend fall into the trap but I thought is there really a compact stroller that will be ok for an infant and last? I can across the zooper twist and was a little apprehensive. How can an umbrella stroller be safe for an infant carrier? As I continued to watch videos and search about the stroller I was sold and knew I had to have one! The zooper is everything it claims and then some-I was beyond shocked to find all the color choices and  accessories that the stroller came with! It included a cup holder, all purpose canopy, foot muff, headrest, car seat fastening belt, removable front armrest and many more!  The zooper twist also includes a carry handle on the side when it is folded and an amazing lock system for those of us with little ones that know how to work an umbrella stroller! The company also has many other items including a double stroller and an amazing highchair. I love that we can now have trunk space and be able to have our stroller in the car. Here is a short video highlighting all of my favorite features:

Zooper Facebook
Zooper Twitter

Monday, July 11, 2011

Belle's Books-make great presents!

My toddler is very into books but her favorite stories are the ones we make up about her. I thought to myself how great if I could find a book that would be all about I searched and found some that incorporate a photo or name but not really her life until I found Belle's Books. The book includes your child's name, birth city, and a few friends. The first time we read the story my daughter started giggling because she was in a book and so was Blake & Olivia (her best friends). Of course since then we had to read the book over and over because it is her story. The graphics in our book are very kid friendly and the story flows very nicely as if it was indeed a book made just for my daughter. The company offers a ton of varieties includingscooby doo and princess books-there truly is something for everyone! Right now my readers will receive free shipping when you buy three books just enter the code FRUGALMOM at checkout. I am sure that your child will love their book just as much as my little peanut!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bee Free Honee-help save our bees!

I heard an interesting statistic the other day that bees will be extinct by 2035. My first thought was good ridden then I thought who will help my flowers. So i typed bee free into google and a link for Bee Free Honee popped up and of course I was intrigued. Could it be the same sweet taste of honey without using bees? Bee Free Honee is 80% apple based and safe for children under two and those with honey allergies. I was surprised to find that the product is only made from three ingredients and is all natural as well as vegan. Right now Bee Free Honee is available at Whole Food Markets in Minnesota and on the story of how Katie (the owner) keeps things local and tries to keep her carbon footprint to a minimum is incredible.  She uses apples from the Midwest to spread growth-the farmers growing the apples are the ones buying the product so it makes a great economic cycle. She also shared her story of not giving into large market practices and stuck to her guns on how she would make the product without using chemicals. Bee Free Honee hopes to grow large enough to help save the bees and support autism. Now onto the most important part-how does it taste? I can honestly say that I am hooked on Bee Free Honee-I use it every day in my tea and would say it is just as good if not better than any honey a bee could make. Be sure to visit Bee Free Honee and try a bottle-what an amazing product at a great price!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Today's Farm Snack Review

I am still on my path to losing weight and I am feeling great! The hardest part I have had is finding great snacks for me to eat that are sweet and tasty without adding back all the pounds. I tried the fresh fruit route but I ended up wasting way more because I did not eat things fast enough. So I tried some dehydrated fruit and it was not very good then my husband suggested freeze dried fruit. I though what do I have to loose so I began looking for a reasonably priced company and found Today's Farm. As soon as I clicked on the page I saw an adult eating the snacks and drinking some water and thought ok that is a good sign this is a snack that is not made for kids (I previously tried chewey fruit in a mickey mouse bag). So I have tried the snacks from Today's Farm and am in love! My daughter also was a huge fan of the berry mix which was so crazy to us since she hates fresh berries. Shipping is very quick and the fruit comes packaged in convenient individualized bags. I know that with the help of eating something that taste great and is easy to take with me for a snack on the go I will be at my goal weight in no time-thanks Today's Farm!

Another pair of glasses bit the dust

My wonderful little girl has a grand new obsession wearing hats & glasses...which is super cute when they are not my glasses. To date she has broke 4 pairs of sunglasses, several pair of her glasses, and today my  glasses that I desperately need to see more than three inches in front of my face. So I went back to the place I bought them and they wanted $150 to replace the in the world does it cost more to replace the frames then it did for the entire pair of glasses! Well I was reading a blog online about a lady that found a great pair of glasses online from Zenni Optical. The company offers affordable eyeglasses that range in price from .$7-$46 with flat rate shipping no matter how many you order. Zenni Optical also offers free anti-scratch coating,  a protective case, and cleaning cloth. You simply go to the website and upload your photo then you can virtually try on the different pair of glasses. I have read nothing but good things about the prescription being spot on and how durable the lenses and frames feel. The ordering process seems very just enter all your information from the doctor and your new prescription eyeglasses will be here in no time! Here is the pair that I have my eye on:

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Win a Keratene Prize Pack

I have the worst frizzy hair in the entire world and summer brings out the worst! I have decided to try a new product called Keratene. The shampoo comes in many different varieties including a line to help with hair loss. I have been using my shampoo for a little over a week and am thrilled to say that I can actually see a difference. Keratene has graciously offered one reader the following prize pack:
1 set of Purity by hairclinics Organic products comprising:
One full-size Organic Shower Gel and one full-size Organic Shampoo for Normal to Oily Hair.