Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hot Summer Nights Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the Hot Summer Nights Giveaway Hop hosted by Cheap Is The New Classy  #summernights! We will be giving away a wonderful Libre Tea Original perfect to keep you cool on those hot summer nights!

Red, White, & Blue Hop

What better way to celebrate the Land of the Free than Free Giveaways!?
Welcome to the Red, White, and Blue Event hosted by the Blogging Mamas Network.  We're celebrating Independence Day with a bang - an Event full of giveaways!  Each giveaway is either patriotic, made in the USA, OR color themed!  So, be sure to hop around and see the fun, unique prizes at every blog!
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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Super Man has Arrived are you ready to win?

Have you seen the new Superman Movie? We are waiting until next week when little miss is at her grandma's and we have some time to see actual grown up movies! Until then we have to keep our selves busy with this fun new toy:

Here is what the Bridge has to say about the toy:
"The most iconic superhero characters are taking flight with the new Flying Heroes action figures!
With a quick pull from the launcher, kids will be able to unleash their favorite superheroes and 
watch them FLY like never before. The Fall 2013 collection features three of the most 
popular superheroes – Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man".

The new Superman Grip It! Rip It! has been a backyard hit for the past week. We actually have turned it into a game where one person releases and we you have to catch before it hits the ground or you are out! All of the neighborhood boys have been over and cannot wait to get there hands on the batman and spiderman versions of the toy. Overall I would say that this is a must have especially if you have a super hero fan in your house. I just love being able to go outside and get fresh air with the kiddos while getting in some quality playtime-get your at Target now! Want to win one of your very own? Use the rafflecopter form below to enter!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer travel adventures....and so we begin

So we begin. I have decided to set the ultimate goal of traveling to all 50 states before little miss leaves for college which gives me 14 summers! I know that sounds like a ton of time but I know that it will fly by and be gone before I can even blink. So we decided to begin our grand adventure this summer and travel to Missouri, Nebraska, and Iowa. It was an easy five hours between stops so little miss did not get super antsy. Read each post below to highlight each of the fine states!

On to our first stop St. Louis, Missouri! At first glance I did not expect there much to do except The Arch. We did book a river boat cruise but because of the extreme flooding it was cancelled which left us with two days to explore the grand city. We had such an amazing time and I would recommend to anyone looking for a family friendly vacation. Our fist stop was the sculpture park downtown which had this great little rock exhibit that you could hop about from stone to stone. I loved that we could not only look at the sculpture but explore and really enjoy it as a family. Soon we found lunch quickly approaching and found a food truck near by for a quick bite. I must say this was on my “to do” list since I have seen food trucks all over tv but we do not have any in our small town. After lunch we went on to little misses top choice attraction The Sweet Divine Cupcakes. You may have seen them on a little show called cupcake wars with the winning cupcake-the drunken pig! 

I had the pleasure of meeting the owner and learning all about her grand cupcake adventure. The shop began as an in home cupcake/cake business that has skyrocket into an adorable store and cupcake truck. The husband/wife team has been in the business for 10 years making home cakes and expanded to a food truck three years ago. When cupcake ware came for auditions they decided to audition and soon became the winners with their delicious creations. I decided to try the Drunken Pig, Strawberry Shortcake, Chocolate Carmel, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. 
 I must say that my personal favorite was the Drunken Pig. At first I must admit that I was a little skeptical with cheese and bacon mixed into any bakery but the flavors melted in your mouth to an incredible treat. Little miss was all about the chocolate chip cookie dough-it had bites of cookie dough throughout the cupcake and covered in chocolate chips on top. My husband could not decided and he said he votes “all of them” but after pushing a little more he settled on the Strawberry Shortcake. There were strawberry chunks in the batter and was the perfect blend of a sweet summer treat. The cupcake flavors every week and I am eager to try the cherry coke it sad to plan a vacation around a cupcake flavor? If you are in St. Louis you can visit the cupcake shop at 1801 S.9th Street in St. Louis (they are closed Mondays) or follow the food truck to their location. You can find the food truck location on their facebook page and the flavors of the week. This is a must with their great prices and a flavor for everyone! We then ended our day at the zoo which has free admission. Next time we visit we will go first thing in the morning-the stingray section and carousel are free the first hour the zoo is open. What a great relaxing day!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Amazing Dance Number by Natural Spring Water in NYC

Want to make a splash entrance? Well, Nestle did just that with the launch of resource Natural Spring Water in New York City on June 5. Cameras caught the electrifying acrobatics and you can take a sneak peak into the festivities here:

In the dance number, a woman's routine yoga workout  in a crowded city park is transformed into a liberating, magical dance number in luxurious rainforest after taking a sip of resource Natural Spring Water.

"Electrobatique--An Enchanting Discovery," is an original dance performance featuring tons of fun water effects, aerial choreography and acrobatic dance by AiRealistic, an aerial theater company with roots in Cirque du Soleil and Le Reve.

 The water brand is also teaming up with three famous lifestyle experts to help its consumers discover their passions; food writer and host Aida Mollenkamp; author, and fashion and beauty expert, Bobbie Thomas; and fitness expert and former trainer on NBC's The Biggest Loser Brett Hoebel. resource will socially connect fans with these experts, offering exclusive related tips and trends.

Resource is now available in 700mL and 1L sizes at grocery, convenience, natural food and pharmacy retailers nationwide.

For more information on the brand and its launch festivities, please check them out on Facebook:

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Win a Shirt for dad for Father's Day!

Not sure what to get your husband, father, friend for Father's Day? I am the first to admit that my husband is one of the most difficult people to shop for and then I also have my dad who is impossible. This year I decided to think out of the box and look for something different that they would both love that was not your traditional coffee cup or tie. My dad has recently been in love with Duck Dynasty and began working out on a daily basis. After a little searching I found that has some of the greatest Duck Dynasty shirts I have seen to date. Look at the shirt I found:
I cannot wait to see his face when he opens his shirt! The site offers so many different "hard to find" shows like The Big Band Theory and an amazing selection of little pony shirts. I am very excited to continue shopping for birthdays and holidays because there are so many choices for all the hard to find people on our list. The shirt arrived super fast and the quality is amazing. Have someone difficult to shop for? Enter using the rafflecopter form below to win your choice of shirt: