Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer Sweeping to Win Giveaway Hop

Summer is coming to a close, but it's still HOT, HOT, HOT outside.  Stay cool and keep Summer Sweeping with this Giveaway Hop, hosted by the Blogging Mamas Network!
Each blogger linking up has a Giveaway for you worth at least $25, so be sure to hop around to them all!
Enter using the rafflecopter form below to win HBL Hair Care including a HBL Hydrating Shampoo, HBL Hydrating Conditoiner, and a HBL Hair Masque. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Ready to win a $30 Target gift card brought to you by Gift Car Rescue!

Are you ready for back to school? I know we have to get tons of school clothes and supplies...little miss will finally go to school five days a week! Of course I am always looking for a way to find great deals and stumbled upon Gift Card Rescue. The cite has been featured on CBS, in SmartMoney, and the New York Times to name a few. It's a great program were you can buy discounted gift cards or exchange gift cards.

I love that you can exchange the gift cards you will not use to find something that you can enjoy. Ever get that random gift card and you wonder around the store for hours only to come out empty handed? My family for some reason always buys either bath store or home improvement store gift cards for my family as presents and now I can exchange for something I will use like Target! Don't need to exchange? They have a ton of great stores for a discounted rate. Love that I can shop at all of my favorite stores for a fraction of the price. What a great gift for those going back to college or even for the holidays! 

Be sure to enter using the rafflecopter form below to win your very own target giftcard! 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Trade in your phone at best buy-so easy!

Need to get a new mobile phone but dreading the experience of shopping for one?
Explore Best Buy Mobile specialty stores – these shops are found locally in malls or in your neighborhood shopping centers, and are focused on mobile devices and accessories. Shop for the latest smartphones and tablets from Verizon, AT&T and Sprint, from all the top brands, along with stylish accessories to suit your lifestyle. The staff is highly trained, yet non-commissioned, so they can help determine the right phone for you, as well as compare plans across the carriers. They can set up and activate your new phone, transfer your contacts and data and set you up with the complimentary Walk Out Working™ program. To find a Best Buy Mobile specialty store, go to

I had no idea that Best Buy did this everyday! Just in time for little miss to ruin our tablet with chocolate milk and cookie crumbs we stumbled upon the best kept secret. Just trade in your phone and get a Best Buy gift card which means a new updated phone for me and a new tablet for the family. Get a Best Buy Gift card when you trade it in at a participating Best Buy Mobile specialty store location – and if you have a newer working phone, you could get up to a $200 Best Buy gift card. Learn more and find a participating Best Buy Mobile specialty store: Not sure what your device is worth? Use the great trade in value tool found here!

What will you get when you trade in and update your plan? 

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer time is in full swing!

Summer is here and that means one things for me....sticky children and sunscreen! Every summer my ultimate goal is to keep my kids from getting any sunburn. Flash back to high school when my husband and I started that point we thought sunscreen was for "babies" and I wanted the best tan. Long story short we are both very pale skinned and my husband ended up with blisters from the sun. That is the last summer I did not use Coppertone babies spf 30! This year I even had the honor of being a Coppertone Water Mom thanks to MomSelect. Of all the great Coppertone sunscreen products available my must have is the face stick:
It is so easy to apply and easy to carry. I have a squirmer that hates to put lotion on her face so we call it our "face chapstick". It glides on smooth and I can be sure to cover all the spots.  Another great product is the Coppertone sport. It is great for active children and those that perspire just a bit. We had the privilege of passing out some great samples to our swim friends and so far our babies are fresh and sunburn free! Enjoy the summer and don't forget your Coppertone! 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Christmas in July Hop

Welcome to the Christmas in July Hop hosted by Sarah's Blog Of Fun!!  Who doesn't like receiving presents  and we have some terrific ones for you!

Enter using the rafflecopter form  below to win your very own Neater Feeder

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Is your pet a messy eater? Introducing the Neater Feeder!

Do you have pets? We have both cats and dogs which means my day goes something like this-

1. feed pets
2. clean up little bits of corners that cats decided not to eat
3. wipe up water cat spilled putting foot in bowl
4. feed dog again since he spilled his whole bowl while digging for certain pieces
5. get wet socks from more spilled water and stuck on bits of half chewed food
6. Finally give up  on the mess and prepare to leave in a wet/pet food covered laundry floor!

If you can relate I have the world's best product for you-the Neater Feeder! At first I was a little skeptical and thought it would be just another bowl that we tried and failed BUT if has been two months and I confess I do not know how I lived without the bowl. We have one for our large dog and it has been amazing!

He can eat his food and dig for pieces without making a giant mess. Here is better photo of the design:
All of the spills go underneath the feeder for a quick clean. There is this amazing filter that keeps the food from the water so no more having to waste tons of dog food that falls onto the floor or worry about the food getting wet. There are also great extensions that come with the bowl so you decide how tall or short the bowl should be at any given time. We absolutely love our Neater Feeder and are very excited to offer a giveaway for our readers! 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Christmas in July Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the Christmas in July Giveaway Hop hosted by Just Married with Coupons, Sweep Tight and Matter of Cents! Enter to win hundreds of dollars in prizes by hopping from blog to blog! The grand prize sponsor is Maggie Bags. They take recycled material & give it new life by creating eco-friendly & sophisticated handbags! Other sponsors include SodaTabs and JustSweep! Enter to win $1000 in prizes!

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Anything Goes Giveaway Hop

Anything Goes Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the Anything Goes Giveaway Hop

This event is hosted by The Review Wire and Review Wire Media. This hop is dedicated to...anything! All participating blogs have a giveaway of at least $20 so hop down the list to see what they have in store for you. Make sure to also check out the Grand Prize over at The Review Wire and enter to win a pair of Bluebuds X Headphones from Jaybird, a retail value of $170!

Enter using the rafflecopter form below to win the new Cat in the Hat DVD & a Blankz!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer is in full swing how are your allergies?

Allergies in my family are one thing that keep us cooped up inside. My biggest problem is finding something that my kids will take without making them groggy all day and tastes great. I also have a huge problem taking any Benadryl type allergy medicine because it knocks me out for the rest of the day! When I had the opportunity host a Spring Into Your Step party sponsored by Children's Claritin I was very excited...could it be my kids can play outside without having that groggy heavy feeling?

 I invited over some of our friends from our playgroup that had the most severe know the kids with the tissues stuffed in their sleeves and pockets like little squirrels. We also had our grass cut the day before and pollen count was a bit high for the day so I was feeling a bit overwhelmed that we would have runny nosed, itchy eyed kids running for the house. Each mom was to give their child their Claritin for two full days so we could give the kids time to adjust and I must say it does wonder's for my family. Not only do my kids now use the grape chewables I also take them each day to keep the stuffy face away. We have had such a great spring and summer-the best part was the cooling eye masks. Nothing feels better on swollen allergy eyes then a cool mask to keep the puffiness away! Thanks again Claritin and Mom-Meet Up's we had a fantastic time!

It's wedding season-are you ready?

Ah wedding season! This year we have four destination weddings which will be both fun and stressful! Imagine trying to pack all of our things in a small suitcase and still look put together. My biggest issues was hair-last summer I ended either having to pay to have my hair done in the morning of the wedding or scrabbling around the hotel trying to find someone that had a curling iron that would work with my hair. Now to add fuel to fire little miss loves having her hair curled but hates when the clip pulls and gets stuck. We have found our perfect go to curling iron-the Cortex 4 in 1 Curling Iron.
The best is that the barrels all detach and you can easily pack in your overnight bag AND no clip to get little misses hair stuck! We have used for two weddings so far this summer including the one where she was the flower girl and the curling iron heated so quickly. Here are some of the great features:
  • 100% Tourmaline cone for healthier hair and a high gloss shine
  • Temperature to 430 F
  • Far Infrared (FIR) technology locks in moisture and natural oils
  • Sleek, ergonomic, non-slip grip designed for professional comfort
  • Variable Heat Settings for All Hair Types
  • Heats up in less than 6 seconds
  • Swivel cord prevents tangling
  • Hooked end for easy hanging
  • Professional 360 degree swivel cord to prevent tangling
  • Set includes 1/2-1", 3/4", 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" sized barrels.
  • Dual voltage, 110-240V, 50/60 Hz
  • 120W (USA) / 60W (Canada) Max
  • One year limited warranty
So many great features including a year warranty-so much to gain. Please share your summer wedding stories below-love wedding season!