Saturday, May 6, 2017

Mother's Day 2017-Create your own adventure

This year will all of the other parties and events Mother's Day was going to be lost in the shuffle and we were going to "float" it until July or so when we had a free weekend. As I watched my husband and daughter scan over the calendar painstakingly trying to find the perfect weekend I watched on and just thought how this little moments are the ones that will last a lifetime.

So instead of choosing one day to celebrate and make it "perfect" we decided to do three days of surprised and adventures that would not only release some of the stress from the party planning but build memories.

Day 1:

The first day I woke up to a table full of ice cream. Yes that is correct on a Monday morning before we all went to work and school we had an ice cream party! Ice cream is my one weakness that I usually do not eat because I either forget to buy it at the store/the cooler is to far once I have all my other groceries or we get home so late that its the last thing on my mind. This was one of the sweetest simplest surprises and one of the best breakfast bonding moments we have had in a long time.

Day 2:

Clean house. I know this sounds like not really a present but when you have pets, kids, full time activity and a full time work schedule-cleaning is a nightmare. Usually I wait until my husband takes little miss to her piano class Thursday evenings and run around the house getting it all clean for the weekend. Today I came home after a long day and grocery shopping to a perfectly clean house. This is something that doesn't cost anything but is priceless.

Day 3:

It wouldn't be Mother's Day without flowers! Did you know that flowers remain among the top gifts for Mother's Day?  This year Teleflora really outdid themselves! The theme this Mother's Day is "Just Like Here" #ImJustLikeHer this moving video they created to honor mothers everywhere:

I love the message that our mother's form our lives each day with every little experience even if you see things differently. Use the hashtag #ImJustLikeHer leading up to Mother's Day to share your personal reflection of your mom and how she has shaped your life.  

As you think of all the wonderful things your mom had done for you teleflora is offering some amazing choices of bouquets that will carry beyond when the flowers are gone (which is well over two weeks in our house...the  quality is amazing!). The bouquet I received this year is the teleflora artisanal beauty bouquet:

 The white roses are stunning and so fragrant! As always the flowers arrived quickly because Teleflora partners with over 11,000 member florists in North America so you are receiving the freshest flowers from your community.  My favorite part was the packet of lemonade my daughter attached to the handle with a wooden spoon. She included a note about making lemonade and memories in the summer....I think my heart melted into a million tiny pieces!  I am so excited to use the pitcher all summer long! They really do deliver on their slogan "Flowers in a gift!"
Here is a full description of the Teleflora Artisanal Beauty Bouquet:
"Sweet and lovely, just like mom. Send her this pretty 2-in-1 gift that arrives as a fanciful mixed bouquet filled with crème roses, lavender alstroemeria, and chrysanthemums nestled within a hand-painted, floral embossed stoneware pitcher; FDA-approved to safely serve and store food, microwave and dishwasher-safe."

There are so many great things you can do with this collection! My other favorite is the Teleflora's Splendid Garden Bouquet:

What an adorable gift and you can include seeds or other gardening tools for a present that can be used all year long! Full description of the Splendid Garden Bouquet:
"Just like mom, this delightful garden-inspired Mother’s Day floral arrangement will deliver a heartfelt smile across the miles. As a long-lasting keepsake, mom will enjoy its sweet watering can that features a hand-painted, vintage botanical print." 

Of course Teleflora also has your traditional stunning vases that never dissapoint...a few great choices for Mother's Day include: 

Teleflora's Dancing Violets Bouquet: 
"Just like mom, handmade bouquets light up a make her heart dance with this fun and pleasing purple and white bouquet filled with lavender and white daisy spray chrysanthemums, purple carnations, and a medley of other floral accents. This beautiful floral arrangement is displayed within a purple glass cube vase with a pretty pressed violet. design."
Teleflora's Bold Elegance Bouquet:
"Bold and beautiful, just like mom. Pamper the ‘best mom in the world’ with this decadent bouquet brimming with hot pink roses, vibrant pink stargazer lilies, snapdragons, and lavender cushion spray chrysanthemums artistically- arranged in an elegant, fuchsia blown glass vase".
Teleflora's Sparkle and Shine Bouquet:
"Chic and modern, just like mom. This show-stopping bouquet is a perfect reflection of her effervescent beauty; inside and out. Gorgeous pink roses, fragrant white Asiatic lilies and lavender look oh-so-lovely in this one-of-a-kind purple metallic glazed vase with sparkling rhinestones that is sure to dazzle her."
No matter what you decide to do this year make sure you let your mom know how much she means to you!