Thursday, July 16, 2015

Cedar Point

Summer is in full swing-have you visited Cedar Point? 

We will be visiting the last week of July-be on the lookout for  a follow up on our great adventure!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Door County Brewing Compnay

Looking for a fun family afternoon? We decided to go to the Door County Brewing Company which was one of the highlights of the afternoon. It is a family friendly atmosphere where you can enjoy a few drinks and your children can munch on snacks and enjoy their very own root beer. 

The brewery actually wants you to bring in snacks to enjoy with your beverages-what an amazing unique experience! While we were there we saw families enjoying board games, babies crawling on the stage, and groups of adults enjoying a lazy afternoon. We also had a chance to sample a wide variety of flavors. 

My personal favorite was it had a light after taste and was not overwhelming. We also had a chance to try a few of the darker beers. I should begin my saying I am not a dark beer fan but there was something different about the Polka Ring. It was smoother and lighter than American porter and actually targets those of us that don't care for darker beer. Overall the winner was Little Sister-we liked it so much we ended up with a growler.  Little Sister was the second beer for the brewery.
Door County Brewing Company is a home body brewery that actually brews downstairs! We had a chance to see the great facility: 

One our tour we learned that all the names come from door county and they strive to get all key ingredients from the peninsula. Next year the brewery plans to get all the lavender for the "little sister" locally.  The company is also planning to rent space in 2017 to bring all operations to Door County. I highly recommend visiting on a Friday/Saturday as they have live music and a great atmosphere.  The company is family owned and it really shows!