Friday, October 28, 2016

Trunk or Treat Idea

We love to do trunk or treat! It is a great way to celebrate Halloween in a safe way and in rural areas. This year we went with a frog theme.

The "fly" is just a bucket from the dollar store that we slit on each side. The wings and eyes are poster board we cut out and  but construction paper on for color. This year we were rained out so I had to use a table. The legs and tongue are cardboard boxes cut out and covered with table clothes. To make the frog stand up I used an empty laundry basket. Overall the table cost less than $5 for each of the plastic table clothes, bucket, and poster board.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Almost time for Halloween!

That's right my favorite time of year is right around the corner! This week I am in charge of my daughter's school snack and I am going to go with an old friend-the teeth monster donuts!
I have tried this twice in the past and mine never look quite this excellent. I usually just buy donuts at the bakery and find teeth at the dollar store-we use the color vampire teeth. For eyes we have tried mm's and sixlets. The sixlets or any round ball candy seem to work much better. Overall they are a hit for each class!