Friday, October 23, 2015

Brick or treat Legoland Adventures!

It's my favorite holiday-Halloween! This year my little fashionista decided to Chesire Kitty from Ever After High.
We decided to visit Legoland this year for their annual brick or treat bash! It was a great time filled with dancing, music, candy, and awesome Halloween legos! Look at this amazing guy made from Legos:
My daughter's favorite part was Wanda's dance party in the sea life aquarium which is included in the admission price:
Overall the event was  a nice time. It was a bit crowded so if you are traveling far for this event I highly suggest getting all of the park done in the morning and just focusing on the Halloween events in the evening. The Lego Friends are even out at night for more one on one dance party fun!
It was a great trip for the memory books-a must see for all the lego fans big and small :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Legoland Adventures

We are onto our next state California! Of course while we were in Anaheim we had to visit Legoland! My daughter absolutely loves Lego Friends and could not wait to get to Heart Lake city!  Upon arrival we were greeted by in her words "the most amazing thing on the planet!"

After that we made our way around the park and played a few games-I love how easy it was for her to win and did not feel it was a "money maker" like most parks. At the duck pond she picked up this adorable new friend:

You even have the option to trade in for a larger prize but we thought he was just right :)
 We then made our way to the race track where you can earn your very own drivers license and of course had the famous Granny's Apples! Finally after a day of adventures we arrived in Heart Lake City just in time for the live concert!

What a wonderful show-the girls even came down to dance with the kids and really make them feel special. We ended our time in Heart Lake city with a meet and greet- of course they made my daughter feel so special and even took time to help her name her new cat :)
  While at Legoland don't forget to grab some figurines to trade with staff members and at stations in the park-such a wonderful time! Stay tuned for my Brick or Treat coverage!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Disneyland Day 2

As we wrap up our Disneyland adventure I would like to share a bit from the main park. We were lucky enough to visit during Halloween and the 60th diamond celebration!
The park is full of so many wonderful things and was a great closing to our daughter's "princess phase". I loved watching her light up as we explored the castle and learn more about sleeping beauty-can you believe you get to go inside!

We were also lucky enough to be there for the Halloween party and experience the villains-what a rare treat for any Disney fan!
Between the parades, characters, and rides we were able to see that little magic spark inside come back in our daughter's eyes. She went from "Is that a costume" to "Oh my there is Maleficent".  Even if we only got to live in the moment for one day I am forever grateful to Disney and this experience for allowing her to be little if only for the day.  We did not check our phones, we did not play on any electronics, we did not read "big girl magazines" instead we both picked out a perfect set of ears and frolicked around the park looking for adventure. For one day we got the chance to believe in fairies and magical pixie dust and I would not trade a second. Until next time-enjoy your little ones they will never be as small as they are today!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Disneyland Travels-California Adventure Park

California here we come! Of course a stop on our list has to be Disneyland-more specifically Radiator Springs!
I am not sure who was more excited to visit my daughter or my husband and I! We absolutely love cars and Cars Land is a must do in my opinion!  The detail and time put into each area was amazing. We even had lunch at Flo's!
I think the highlight was seeing Mcqueen and Mater switch places and actually drive down the streets of radiator springs while pulling into the cozy cone!

We also had the chance to visit during the 60th anniversary which was amazing. The world of color show is incredible-hard to imagine it is water and lights-look at this amazing image from the show:
Overall the park was perfect. We had a short wait for all the characters and rides. Each section of the park offered just the right amount to do without being overwhelming. To end a perfect visit we even had a "sink" of ice cream-yours to keep!