Friday, October 9, 2015

Disneyland Day 2

As we wrap up our Disneyland adventure I would like to share a bit from the main park. We were lucky enough to visit during Halloween and the 60th diamond celebration!
The park is full of so many wonderful things and was a great closing to our daughter's "princess phase". I loved watching her light up as we explored the castle and learn more about sleeping beauty-can you believe you get to go inside!

We were also lucky enough to be there for the Halloween party and experience the villains-what a rare treat for any Disney fan!
Between the parades, characters, and rides we were able to see that little magic spark inside come back in our daughter's eyes. She went from "Is that a costume" to "Oh my there is Maleficent".  Even if we only got to live in the moment for one day I am forever grateful to Disney and this experience for allowing her to be little if only for the day.  We did not check our phones, we did not play on any electronics, we did not read "big girl magazines" instead we both picked out a perfect set of ears and frolicked around the park looking for adventure. For one day we got the chance to believe in fairies and magical pixie dust and I would not trade a second. Until next time-enjoy your little ones they will never be as small as they are today!


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