Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Legoland Adventures

We are onto our next state California! Of course while we were in Anaheim we had to visit Legoland! My daughter absolutely loves Lego Friends and could not wait to get to Heart Lake city!  Upon arrival we were greeted by in her words "the most amazing thing on the planet!"

After that we made our way around the park and played a few games-I love how easy it was for her to win and did not feel it was a "money maker" like most parks. At the duck pond she picked up this adorable new friend:

You even have the option to trade in for a larger prize but we thought he was just right :)
 We then made our way to the race track where you can earn your very own drivers license and of course had the famous Granny's Apples! Finally after a day of adventures we arrived in Heart Lake City just in time for the live concert!

What a wonderful show-the girls even came down to dance with the kids and really make them feel special. We ended our time in Heart Lake city with a meet and greet- of course they made my daughter feel so special and even took time to help her name her new cat :)
  While at Legoland don't forget to grab some figurines to trade with staff members and at stations in the park-such a wonderful time! Stay tuned for my Brick or Treat coverage!


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