Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer time is in full swing!

Summer is here and that means one things for me....sticky children and sunscreen! Every summer my ultimate goal is to keep my kids from getting any sunburn. Flash back to high school when my husband and I started that point we thought sunscreen was for "babies" and I wanted the best tan. Long story short we are both very pale skinned and my husband ended up with blisters from the sun. That is the last summer I did not use Coppertone babies spf 30! This year I even had the honor of being a Coppertone Water Mom thanks to MomSelect. Of all the great Coppertone sunscreen products available my must have is the face stick:
It is so easy to apply and easy to carry. I have a squirmer that hates to put lotion on her face so we call it our "face chapstick". It glides on smooth and I can be sure to cover all the spots.  Another great product is the Coppertone sport. It is great for active children and those that perspire just a bit. We had the privilege of passing out some great samples to our swim friends and so far our babies are fresh and sunburn free! Enjoy the summer and don't forget your Coppertone! 


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