Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Is your pet a messy eater? Introducing the Neater Feeder!

Do you have pets? We have both cats and dogs which means my day goes something like this-

1. feed pets
2. clean up little bits of corners that cats decided not to eat
3. wipe up water cat spilled putting foot in bowl
4. feed dog again since he spilled his whole bowl while digging for certain pieces
5. get wet socks from more spilled water and stuck on bits of half chewed food
6. Finally give up  on the mess and prepare to leave in a wet/pet food covered laundry floor!

If you can relate I have the world's best product for you-the Neater Feeder! At first I was a little skeptical and thought it would be just another bowl that we tried and failed BUT if has been two months and I confess I do not know how I lived without the bowl. We have one for our large dog and it has been amazing!

He can eat his food and dig for pieces without making a giant mess. Here is better photo of the design:
All of the spills go underneath the feeder for a quick clean. There is this amazing filter that keeps the food from the water so no more having to waste tons of dog food that falls onto the floor or worry about the food getting wet. There are also great extensions that come with the bowl so you decide how tall or short the bowl should be at any given time. We absolutely love our Neater Feeder and are very excited to offer a giveaway for our readers! 


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