Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer is in full swing how are your allergies?

Allergies in my family are one thing that keep us cooped up inside. My biggest problem is finding something that my kids will take without making them groggy all day and tastes great. I also have a huge problem taking any Benadryl type allergy medicine because it knocks me out for the rest of the day! When I had the opportunity host a Spring Into Your Step party sponsored by Children's Claritin I was very excited...could it be my kids can play outside without having that groggy heavy feeling?

 I invited over some of our friends from our playgroup that had the most severe know the kids with the tissues stuffed in their sleeves and pockets like little squirrels. We also had our grass cut the day before and pollen count was a bit high for the day so I was feeling a bit overwhelmed that we would have runny nosed, itchy eyed kids running for the house. Each mom was to give their child their Claritin for two full days so we could give the kids time to adjust and I must say it does wonder's for my family. Not only do my kids now use the grape chewables I also take them each day to keep the stuffy face away. We have had such a great spring and summer-the best part was the cooling eye masks. Nothing feels better on swollen allergy eyes then a cool mask to keep the puffiness away! Thanks again Claritin and Mom-Meet Up's we had a fantastic time!


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