Friday, July 15, 2011

Looking for a great affordable wine?

I have taken it upon myself to host several gatherings this summer which means shopping for the perfect bottle of wine. Now I am a wine expert and when my friend tells me she was a white sweet wine I think to myself wonderful how am I supposed to find that without tasting every bottle in the store! Well if you are like me flipflop wines will become your hero! Every bottle has a chart on the back to tell you how sweet or dry the wine will taste. My party shopping will now become so much easier because I can grab a few bottles of flipflop wine and check the back to get the perfect sweet bottle. Not only is the flavor listed on the back but it also gives great suggestions as to what would be a great dish to serve with that specific bottle.  How does it taste you ask? I received nothing but compliments on the great taste and I was very satisfied at the price-$7 a bottle and they ship to many states. flipflop wines also donates to a shoe charity called soles4 souls. Each bottle of wine will help a person in need-I can't imagine a better charity or company to use for all future gatherings!

Here are the links:

To Order from flipflop wines
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Visit Soles4Souls Charity


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