Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Self Improvement week continues!

Now I have my hair under control and the weather is starting to cool a bit I think it is time to add a little makeup to the mix. Now I am not one for getting up hours early to get ready for the day but when we go out I like to look nice :) So I have enlisted the help of Lumiess Air.  This amazing product has been featured on the doctors, life & style, tyra banks, good morning america, and many more! Now when my package first arrive my first thought was "what I am thinking I am no makeup artist-I better send this back!" then the adventurous side took over and I thought "ok if I look like a clown nobody will see me but my dog".  So I tried it and guess what not only was it super easy to use but I actually looked fantastic (not to gloat but I look like a million bucks-really!) So now I am hooked and guess what it does not take long at all! Other than making my skin look amazing Luminess Air has many other benefits including a weightless makeup look, minimizing wrinkles, pores, and uneven skin tone, and it is trusted by dermatologist because you are not using sponges which can cause cross contamination. The package comes with a great dvd and clear instructions. Picking your ideal color is easy and all of the different colors are available online. Trust me if I think using Luminess Air is easy-anyone can do it!


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