Monday, July 25, 2011

Another Baby is arriving this week!

I am beyond excited a new baby girl will be arriving this week. Now my dear friend will be having an amazing little girl and I cannot wait to help her accessorize and dress up that little peanut in all the frill and lace before she is old enough to know better...flash forward to my day our little princess went out in a dinosaur cape and elmo slippers! So of course before this little joy arrives I want to give her mom a small shower to fill in all the gaps of things she is missing. All of her family is so far away and I don't want her to miss out on the fun of making a bow center piece out of present ribbon and cute little favors. Now I thought I had more time to do more research but alas her tiny one will be here a few weeks early. So with little planning and a blind eye I have set out to make this a shower to remember! I have a great idea for the cake so now I just need the games and favors. Lucky me there is an entire FREE website designed around planning the perfect shower. ebabyshowergames is so easy to navigate and has saved the day....we all know that I can barely get things done let alone try to come up with clever ideas for games while my dinosaur/elmo runs around yelling for snacks! The site includes two distinct tabs one for planning any game and the other for all printable games. Since some of my guests do not know each other that well I find a great "so my water broke" ice breaker game. First person who has their ice cube melt wins-no skills needed which is fantastic since I know not everyone is loves trivia games. I was also able to print a really cute word search and a to z game. The games already had cute graphics so I literally just had to hit print! Now I am all set to have the best baby shower possible and nobody has to know that it did not take me forever to plan!


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