Friday, July 22, 2011

Looking for a great bag for summer?

I officially do not have to take a diaper bag most places these days and it is beyond liberating! Now I still have to pack snacks, extra clothes, and all of my things but I get to have a trendy bag from Nicole Lee USA that actually enhances my outfit instead of sticking out like an eye sore! My bag has several great pockets and details that are incredible. I really do feel that my bag was handcrafted just for me and I love all the compliments I receive on the color. I am very pleased with how functional the bag really is and all the pocket space available to fit whatever life may throw my way! Here is one of the newest arrivals from Nicole Lee:
 Nicole Lee offers a variety of accessories including jewelry, accessories, and of course great bags! There are bags in a wide variety of sizes  and styles-Nicole Lee truly has something for everyone!


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