Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ready to win a Twooth Timer?

What is a Twooth Timer? Well it is this adorable little shaped tooth that teaches children how long they should be brushing their teeth. We tried singing songs and everything possible but it seemed like an uphill daughter loves to use the kitchen timer to keep on track so I just knew that the Twooth Timer would be our saving grace! Well the fist day she was very excited to be able to turn the timer and keep track of her progress-now she likes to brush the tops for "one tooth ring" and then the bottoms for "one tooth ring". I was surprised to find while reading up on the Twooth Timer that adults spend on average less than 35 seconds brushing their teeth-yikes what kind of example is this for our children? I now have also started brushing my teeth with the Twooth Timer and am surprised that I really do not think that I was giving my teeth the full 2 minute recommended brush down before I was conscious of my decision. If you have a child in your house (or even want to get the best care for your teeth) I highly recommend the Twooth Timer. I can just imagine now cute little gift baskets for back to school featuring my kids favorite toothpaste, character brush, and a Twooth Timer!


  1. I don't see the giveaway, but man would I love to win this!! My 16 month old hates having her teeth brushed, but this might help!