Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Today's Farm Snack Review

I am still on my path to losing weight and I am feeling great! The hardest part I have had is finding great snacks for me to eat that are sweet and tasty without adding back all the pounds. I tried the fresh fruit route but I ended up wasting way more because I did not eat things fast enough. So I tried some dehydrated fruit and it was not very good then my husband suggested freeze dried fruit. I though what do I have to loose so I began looking for a reasonably priced company and found Today's Farm. As soon as I clicked on the page I saw an adult eating the snacks and drinking some water and thought ok that is a good sign this is a snack that is not made for kids (I previously tried chewey fruit in a mickey mouse bag). So I have tried the snacks from Today's Farm and am in love! My daughter also was a huge fan of the berry mix which was so crazy to us since she hates fresh berries. Shipping is very quick and the fruit comes packaged in convenient individualized bags. I know that with the help of eating something that taste great and is easy to take with me for a snack on the go I will be at my goal weight in no time-thanks Today's Farm!


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  2. Would love to try the Farm Snack.