Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Amazing stroller that will last from infancy to toddler years!

If I could start a baby registry class the one thing I would warn against is buying those bulky strollers that include the car seat! Just today one of my friends decided to get a cheap umbrella stroller because the her "travel system" took up so much space in the trunk and was a nightmare to lift in and out. Every single one of my friends has bought a cheap umbrella stroller which leads to more problems since the handles are practically on the ground and if you hit a tiny bump the whole stroller feels like it will fall apart. I was determined to not let my newest pregnant friend fall into the trap but I thought is there really a compact stroller that will be ok for an infant and last? I can across the zooper twist and was a little apprehensive. How can an umbrella stroller be safe for an infant carrier? As I continued to watch videos and search about the stroller I was sold and knew I had to have one! The zooper is everything it claims and then some-I was beyond shocked to find all the color choices and  accessories that the stroller came with! It included a cup holder, all purpose canopy, foot muff, headrest, car seat fastening belt, removable front armrest and many more!  The zooper twist also includes a carry handle on the side when it is folded and an amazing lock system for those of us with little ones that know how to work an umbrella stroller! The company also has many other items including a double stroller and an amazing highchair. I love that we can now have trunk space and be able to have our stroller in the car. Here is a short video highlighting all of my favorite features:

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  1. I have never heard of this before and it looks really interesting! Thanks for sharing, I'm going to go read more about it!