Friday, July 22, 2011

Amazing Litter Box-Really I am amazed!!!

So I am a little sad to admit that we have more animals then we do people in our home-we have 4 cats and 2 dogs and the amount of maintenance it takes is ridiculous! Now scooping the boxes everyday used to be no big deal but lately I feel that the litter and the constant cleaning has got to stop or the cats need to find a new place! Of course we have had our fur babies for over 10 years so just getting rid of them is not an option-they are part of our family and we need to figure out a way to make this work. So I did some research and spent and insane amount of money on a cat box that is basically a glorified cat toilette and guess what 2 of my 4 cats would not use this new box because it did not use litter so now I was out a bunch of money (said company has a horrible return policy) and a cat that now thinks it is ok to go to the bathroom outside of the box because the cleaning granules of the past box were not his cup of tea. Well back to the drawing board and we got an automatic box with the rake arm-once again total disappointment. It scared 3 out 4 cats and did not even scoop all the litter up-basically another hot mess and waste of money (this one could be returned thank goodness!) Then in a last ditch effort I decided to try out the the Litter Robot. The name sounded fun and what else could possible go wrong? So this great box arrived and we read all the directions. It was super easy to set up and the whole top rotates to empty the litter into a nice cleaning pan below. We put our most cooperative cat in and watched the Litter Robot work its magic. Amazing! So we moved on to the rest of our cats and guess what-4 out of 4 cats are using the box! No more scooping, no more haste-I simply empty the the drawer that has a bag in it and I am done (no special bags required-works great with regular kitchen bags). Now what about the machine moving while a cat is inside? The step used for the box actually times the cat's entry and exit so roughly seven minutes goes past before the box cleans itself. If a cat wants to get in while the unit is moving the sensor also stops the rotation. I am telling you if you have a stubborn cat and have tried all other boxes out there I would definitely watch all the videos on the Litter Robot. It comes in three great colors and is very large inside (we have a couple very fat little fur balls). The Litter-Robot works just fine with any clumping clay litter and also accommodates a wide variety of litters, not just the premium clumping clay litters.  Litter Crystals, Pearls, and bio-degradable litters such as World's Best Cat Litter work well in the Litter-Robot.  The Litter-Robot also offer free shipping to most states and has a 90 day money back guarantee! Here is the amazing Litter-Robot:

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  1. Wow...I've heard about this, but was skeptical. Would my cats use it? Does it really do what it says on the tin? It's good to know it is actually working well for somebody...and especially for four cats! It might just be my next big 'expensive but worth it' purchase!