Saturday, July 30, 2011

Interesting read for anyone struggling with finances

Since I have decided to be a stay at home mom one thing stresses me out more than anything-money! We have so much debt- credit cards, student loans (I swear even if I was a CEO I am never going to be able to pay these off!), house payment, car payment, and on and on. You see when we were both working and it was just us my husband and I were very careless with credit- let's just call it young 20 somethings that wanted to see the world and own everything. Since moving and finishing college along with edging into my 30 somethings I have since learned what is necessary and what is just fluff....but I still have to pay for all the "toys" that we collected over the past few years. So as usual when I get desperate I google things like how to pay off debt and how to make a million dollars. Ok so the last one was just for fun but when I did type in millionaire a list of 10 things millionaires follow came up. So the writer of this list has his own website called I will teach you to be rich. The page is full of interesting articles on how average people have been able to dig themselves out of debt and learn to handle their own finances. I love that the site is broken down into relevant tabs like earn more money, buying a house, and automate your finances. Now as I have said I am not looking for investment tips but found a ton of little ways to handle what we do have a little wiser and pay down debt. I found a great little diagram dealing with your personal finance system that breaks down how much should be spent and how much of your check should go to bills, savings, and overall debt. I was actually surprised by how much money we still wasted when I broke it all down on the chart. If you are anything like me and need things spelled on paper or just need some tips on how to make your finances work for you definitely look around the I will teach you to be rich website-I am sure you will come away with at least on great tip!


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