Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Losing Weight & Feeling Great!

I am still sticking with working out and am losing weight slowly :) I figure it took me two years to put all the weight on so if I give myself a year to lose a little then it will actually stay off and I will be happier long term! So I have been trying many different types of workouts to make sure I do not get bored and to find something that can be fun and beneficial. So while looking for the perfect workout I came across X-Pole. Now I know that some people can be self conscious and think that "stripper aerobics" is not for them but I went in with a very open mind...after all this was the fitness craze for awhile so how hard can it be? Oh my let me tell you I do not have the upper body strength and energy that I thought! After one workout I thought I would die of pure exhaustion...I have run and swam for hours and never felt to tired in my entire life. Now the best part of the workout was that I did not feel like I was working out! It was so interesting to learn how to use your body and muscles and that I did not even know existed. So of course I am now in love with my Kendra Wilkinson Sport Pole and it really is something I can do for myself. Now I know what you are thinking-who wants a pole in their house when company comes over? The pole fits in an easy to carry black bag that I can slide under the couch when I am not working out. It fits ceilings up to 8ft 10 inches and can be put up and taken down in a matter of minutes. The pole has X joint technology and has a great adjustment system to increase/decrease the height of the pole from the base.  I was actually super surprised at how quick I was able to put the pole up and take it down by myself.  I have even had my husband try the pole to make sure it is safe and it did not budge an inch or leave any marks on the ceiling or floor.  I am very excited to learn more and increase my workout over time! Here is the carry bag:


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