Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Another pair of glasses bit the dust

My wonderful little girl has a grand new obsession wearing hats & glasses...which is super cute when they are not my glasses. To date she has broke 4 pairs of sunglasses, several pair of her glasses, and today my  glasses that I desperately need to see more than three inches in front of my face. So I went back to the place I bought them and they wanted $150 to replace the in the world does it cost more to replace the frames then it did for the entire pair of glasses! Well I was reading a blog online about a lady that found a great pair of glasses online from Zenni Optical. The company offers affordable eyeglasses that range in price from .$7-$46 with flat rate shipping no matter how many you order. Zenni Optical also offers free anti-scratch coating,  a protective case, and cleaning cloth. You simply go to the website and upload your photo then you can virtually try on the different pair of glasses. I have read nothing but good things about the prescription being spot on and how durable the lenses and frames feel. The ordering process seems very just enter all your information from the doctor and your new prescription eyeglasses will be here in no time! Here is the pair that I have my eye on:

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