Monday, July 11, 2011

Belle's Books-make great presents!

My toddler is very into books but her favorite stories are the ones we make up about her. I thought to myself how great if I could find a book that would be all about I searched and found some that incorporate a photo or name but not really her life until I found Belle's Books. The book includes your child's name, birth city, and a few friends. The first time we read the story my daughter started giggling because she was in a book and so was Blake & Olivia (her best friends). Of course since then we had to read the book over and over because it is her story. The graphics in our book are very kid friendly and the story flows very nicely as if it was indeed a book made just for my daughter. The company offers a ton of varieties includingscooby doo and princess books-there truly is something for everyone! Right now my readers will receive free shipping when you buy three books just enter the code FRUGALMOM at checkout. I am sure that your child will love their book just as much as my little peanut!


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