Friday, February 3, 2012

Possibly My New favorite product-Cargo Sock!

You may or may not have gathered from being part of the family over the years but I am not a real stickler about having things eat of the floor clean...unless of course it is my car. I drive a car that is now longer being made and I think I may have a small heart attack the day the car dies. Because my car is so important I do have the floors covered and all seat's have car seat mats to protect against spills and crumbs. Even though my Pacifica is now human proof to some degree it is not "oh this can fit in your car" proof. Because all the seats lay flat my husband takes my car on all of his adventures and really does treat it like a rusty old pick up truck. Of course a vacuum can only clean up so much and it does not protect against scratches. We are now trying to repair two rooms in our home which means cement, wood, shingles, and dust! I knew there had to be something better to protect my car then just throwing a blanket in the back end so I searched and searched until I accidentally stumbled upon the Cargo Sock. How in the world did I not know that it existed all of these years! The Cargo Sock is exactly how it sounds-a sock for your SUV to protect from whatever you may be hauling at the time!
Now Imagine no pine needles to clean up! My husband has used our Cargo Sock this weekend to haul all of his cement that there was not a speck left when he was done and the Cargo Sock can be stored nicely in a bag until you need it again. Not only does the Cargo Sock maintain the trade in value of your car but it also promotes our economy. Cargo Sock is proudly made in the USA...not often can I share that about many products and I know many people only shop products made in the USA. I can truly say that my Cargo Sock is a sanity more mess and no more arguments about who will clean up the mess from all the hardware store trips. Still not sure if the Cargo Sock is for you? Here is a great video of the Cargo Sock in action:

The Cargo Sock ships free in the USA and literally pays for itself by keeping up the value of your car!


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