Friday, February 3, 2012

Nutrisystem Week #16

Hi everyone! Can you believe the amazing weather we are having (at least here in the mid west). It has seriously not dropped below 40 everyday which means I get to go back out and walk. At the beginning of my Nutrisystem adventure I relied heavily on walking and I must say that I think walking is my thing. This past week as my husband began to loose weight at huge very quickly I actually found myself a little upset. I know when I combine Nutrisystem and hard work it pays off but he barely does anything and the pounds melt away...I know it was just like that when I started but still it stings just a bit! Now when it comes to working out I drag my feet like crazy but with walking it never seems like a workout. I love the feeling and to watch everyone else out and about enjoying the weather-it really is a look into what is important in life! I am getting back on my game and found talking to my Nutrisystem ladies helps...after all I am not the first to have weight loss envy! I am holding strong at 22 pounds lost and have five pounds until my goal-and then time to set the 140 mark....after all I want to be around for my daughter for a long time! Now I do have to share an amazing story with you about another lady who lost 123 pounds on Nutrisystem. If this story doesn't show how the program works and is really a life changer I don't know what would. Here's to living a long healthy life!

* thank you Nutrisystem for providing my meals in exchange for my honest opinion*


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