Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nutrisystem Week #18

Nutrisystem week 18 has arrived with a little temptation and a whole lot of success! I have lost another pound and am now just 8 pounds shy of my goal has only been four and a half months and I have achieved more thanks to Nutrisystem than I ever thought possible! I am no longer a 179lb person who celebrates everything with food but a new person inside and out....never did I imagine I would actually be in the 150's for my anniversary trip and would actually stick to a plan. I think the biggest success of my program has been that I don't really feel like I am on a diet. I get to choose what I eat and when I eat not to mention the food is amazing. If you are still not sure and each any fast food or quick heat meals I would stress to you that Nutrisystem does give the same luxury-the meals are already made and most only take two minutes tops to heat up. It really does not get much simpler to stick to a plan and not feel suffocated by "diet food". Now I know who are all wondering if I gave in for Valentine's Day so I am happy to say that I did not eat boxes of chocolate but instead enjoyed a fruit bouquet from my amazing husband. Some of the fruit was even covered in a tiny bit of chocolate so I did not feel like I was missing anything (added bonus the fruit fit in with my Nutristystem menu). I am so eager to hit my goal in the next 6 weeks and start shopping for spring clothes!

*A big thank you to Nutrisystem for providing my food in exchange for my honest opinion*


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