Wednesday, February 8, 2012

3D Movies are on the rise-get your pair of EX3D!

Have you noticed that 3D movies seem to be popping up everywhere? Disney is releasing Finding Nemo in 3D and I have a feeling we will be there on opening night! We even have a 3D movie called Shark Boy & Lava Girl which seems to be the it movie of the week....the downside is that those paper 3D glasses have not survived. My daughter has ripped those glasses to shreds and does not like to have a "paper face". Luckily EX3D makes fantastic 3D eye wear for everyone! The glasses are far from your traditional red & blue paper glasses-there are so many styles that no longer do I wait for the lights to go out to put on goofy looking paper glasses. My daughter likes them because they are her "special movie glasses" and they look just like her sunglasses. EX3D makes glasses for the whole family in a variety of sizes which means that my daughter can have a pair in her size and I can also have a pair that fit perfectly-no more one size fits all or paper glasses falling off during the movie! Here are my personal favorite-perfect color and size for any fashionista:

The glasses arrive in their own case which is easy to carry and prevents the glasses from being scratched.The glasses feel well made and have withstood several outings with my energetic two year old!  EX3D really are a must for any movie lover-high quality and high fashion at its finest! 
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