Friday, February 10, 2012

Nutrisystem Week #17

Another week has passed-I cannot believe how fast my Nutrisystem journey is going! This week is a little rough because I know that in a few days it will be Valentine's Day which happens to be my favorite holiday ever and of course is based on eating. Every year I literally buy/receive everything sweet under the sun-chocolates, chocolate chip cookie cake, ice cream cake, hard candy, and on and on. While shopping for my daughter's Valentine's for school I am growing more and more nervous that I won't make it without eating boxes of chocolate. I lost a few ounces last week but gained an even bigger victory-my pants were loose! Now I don't mean falling off me loose but they had a little more room to breathe than before. That is a true victory for me regardless of what the scale may say I know that I have taken another step in the right direction. Looking forward to a big weight loss next week as I change my exercise routine!

*A big thank you to Nutrisystem for providing my food in exchange for my honest opinion of the program* 


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