Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Here comes the flower girl-vote for your flower girl baskets!

So the holidays are over and now it is time to start focusing back on the blog and our newest adventure-my best friends wedding! I am so excited this time is so much more than simply showing up in a hideous dress and playing bridesmaid-plus little miss is going to be the flower girl! Just look at the adorable dress that is in the running:
Of course I am off to try to make the perfect matching hairband and find the perfect flowers and flower girl baskets. The wedding will be dinosaur theme in a classy history museum setting so I have to find the perfect basket. What do you think about the unique basket available at Weddingstar

I really want to incorporate the them of the basket and love all of the great designs they have to offer-anything that can be ordered online and custom made is a plus! I really love this one for a beach wedding...who knows maybe my parents renew their vows I can talk them into a beach theme?

The flower girl is such an important part of the wedding-ours was only two and a complete nightmare but everyone remembers her petal filled dress and matching flower girl baskets. It really is not about being flashy and complicated and I really love all the simplistic styles at Weddingstar (not to mention the great price after the cost of the dress!). I really do want to be budget conscious this year and put on a fabulous wedding for my best friend-bring on the ribbon, lace, bows, and small details that make it all work. For now I will focus on finding the perfect flower girl basket for little about this one for a dinosaur theme-white which the main dress color?


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