Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year-New Me Part One: Style

So I want to take this next week and focus on how I am planning to change things this year-my blog, our lifestyle, my style...there are many changes on the way!

The first thing I really want to focus on is my style/lack of wearing normal clothes. I have gotten into this horrible rut of throwing on comfy clothes and staying in them all day....I read that if you look good you feel good and I am ready to change things up!
Off to the store I went and really was not happy as I shopped...everything is made for a certain body type and I am not ready to give up on looking my age just so my clothes cover my body. So what do I do when I cannot find what I guessed it-online shopping! Of course most of the online stuff was more cookie cutter clothes and I really want something different-something that really brings about my personality. So in my search I found Holy Clothing-at first glance I fell in love with many of the dresses. There were so many different cuts and lengths to choose from-not just super long or super
short. This is one of my favorites the Daisy Crochet Lace Peasant Boho Cotton Tiered Maxi Sun Dress 

I really love the color and the length of the dress. I have a hard time finding grown up maxi dresses that do not cost a fortune and have a look that will stand the test of time. Shipping was very fast and the detail on the dress was amazing. It is 100% cotton so it was really soft and even after washing several times felt like it did when it first arrived. I absolutely love that I can throw the dress in the wash and hang to dry-so easy and really makes a difference from dry clean only clothes. Holy Clothing has so many options including tops, pants, cloaks, and dresses. I even say a photo of a wedding party in their dresses since they are so affordable and sure to last.
Holy Clothing is a family-owned business that really strives to meet customer satisfaction and has a quick and easy ordering process.
I am very excited for summer to order more pieces for my summer wardrobe-with all the great colors and options I will finally have a grown up comfortable wardrobe minus all the hoodies and yoga pants!
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