Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Otterbox-best phone cover ever!

So the post you have all been waiting follow up on the Otterbox! So I heard about this great phone cover that was amazing for the iphone but had no idea how much it would change my life. I actually saw a video online of someone dropping their phone from the top of their car as they drove off and the screen did not shatter! So what happen when my Otterbox arrived? I was beyond thrilled-no longer did I have to delicately place my phone in a separate pouch so my keys did not scratch the glass. I also had a ton of choices to pick from...I ended up getting a very cute cover with branches on the back.

 It really fits my personality perfectly and feels very grown up unlike many of those kiddish covers I see in the store. So what about the quality? The case seems very sturdy and likely to hold up in my world. So far my preschooler has dropped the phone twice from her seat and three or four times on the carpet. I love being able to hand my phone over for her to play games without having to worry about it being dropped and broken. I also love the ease of the using the case-it does not change the amount of pressure I need to use the buttons which is perfect for my arthritic hands. We loved our Otterbox so much we have decided to purchase one for my husbands phone and to get one for my sister in law for her birthday. Otterbox even offers cases for the kindle, nokia phones, blackberry, and more!

 Be sure to check their facebook and twitter for updates!


  1. Thank you for posting this, I just bought one for my I phone!

  2. That is fantastic-I will NEVER buy any other cover for my phone....going on 10 preschool drops (and one wicked throw) and counting!