Wednesday, August 31, 2011

School is I only wish sleep would follow!

We have been waking my daughter up early for school which is great except now she falls asleep at 5 and is awake for the day at 5am! Of course when school is finally over she cat naps her way home and then is ready to go until crashing at dinner time. This leads for a hectic schedule and a very tired mom (have you notice the sporadic and lack of normal time on updates) It is because I have to train myself now to try to sleep while the sun is up and get up before the rooster crows. In my desperate attempt to gain back a normal life I googled sleep behavior modification-now the search came up with some crazy things but one product was on top of the list the Good Nite Lite. Now I have never heard of the light so I was intrigued and began to read more (of course I also saw that it was featured on The Doctors tv show which is amazing in my world). The light allows you to set the wake and sleep time and is a very simple concept even for my two year old-if the sun is shining it is time to wake up, if the moon is showing it is still time to sleep. We were eager to give it  a try and after a week or so I know my daughter is getting the hang of things...this morning we did not wake up until 7am and look I am still awake at 10pm :)  I also like the light because it provides just enough comfort that a traditional light night is not needed which I learned can actually prohibit sleep (plus I did not have to worry about her yanking the plug out of the wall). Although we are just in the beginning of our Good Nite Lite adventure I can say without a doubt it has saved my sanity and improved our day 110%.  While visiting the site do not forget to vote for Adam Nelson for 2011 Entrpreneur of the year!


  1. I would love to try this with my granddaughter.

  2. This would be perfect for my grandson!