Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sponsor Highlight-Jewelry Bar

Ok ladies-a spa for ma event would not be complete without some fabulous jewelry. I would like to introduce Jewelry Bar. The company prides itself on fine jewelry and each piece is hand selected with a very limited edition available of each piece. I own one of their bracelets and cannot begin to express how well the jewelry is made. Imagine a two year old putting the bracelet on her foot and stretching it to unimaginable lengths...while I watched in disbelief (time seemed to go on forever) the bracelet passed the toddler test! I love that the bracelet can easily turn my boring white shirt and black skirt into something worth wearing because it really does make the outfit pop! If the jewelry alone does not make you want to buy from Jewelry Bar- they are one of the most generous companies I have come across is a long time. During its existence, Jewelry Bar has taken part in charity events benefiting such organizations as CouldYou? (a non profit organization that fights poverty in Mozambique), Nomi Networks (a non profit organization that fights against human trafficking), LINK (a non profit organization that helps New York children learn how to read) and Postpartum Progress (a non profit organization that provides help and information on perinatal mental illness for pregnant women and new mothers). Here is the amazing bracelet you can win-registrar under the spa for ma event !

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  1. i would love to win this bracelet