Saturday, August 6, 2011

Don't Lose any belongings this year!

"Don't lose any belongings this year" that is my goal for the school year. Now when we received the welcome back from my daughter's school they suggested labeling everything she owns that could possibly be lost. This includes shoes, coats, sweaters, backpack, and on and on. Now that is an amazingly tedious task and frankly I am not sure I can write that tiny on each tag. So Lovable Labels has come to the rescue! They have a large selection of back to school packs that include easy to use labels for everything from coats to shoes. Now we are still in a huge kitty loving phase so every label of my daughters is pink with a little cat and her name. Now since she cannot read just yet it is a perfect solution for her to look for the pink tag with the little kitty. For her teacher's or anyone else who may find her belongings it is easy to see her name and return it to her class. I am also very excited about the tag for her coat-she will be able to easily zip her coat without much struggle because her zipper was so small and difficult for her to grab. I am sure with the help of Lovable Labels we will stick to the goal of not losing any belongings this year!
Be sure to enter to win your very own Lovable Labels prize pack in the back to school hop! 


  1. Thank for posting to remind everyone to enter the Back to School Hop Giveaway. The Back to School Packs are such a hit every year and it's because we have all the labels children need to be ready for back to school! We are so excited to see who wins!

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