Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Thanks for the post, Arthur Lawrence

It is funny when you graduate college and get into the real world how vacation is no longer a word that conjures images of long sunny days at the beach and swimming in the lake with friends. Vacation changes and is not something that you feel excitement about towards the end because you can’t wait to see what everyone has been up to all summer. Now at the end of a vacation, I feel tired a bit of dread about returning to the office. I could care less how people have changed over the week that I have been away. Now my perfect vacation involves resting and logging on to to watch great movies and relax while I am away from paperwork and the hectic office schedule. I used to feel that vacation meant going somewhere exotic and exciting. Now vacation means simply relaxing and getting away from those that I see forty hours week a week. I am looking forward to the next vacation, even though it is only a one-day holiday.

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  1. I love vacation, even if it is just a day to sit on the couch a watch some movies or favorite tv shows. Sometimes those are the best vacations.