Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sponsor Highlight-30 Meals in one Day!

As you have all read we are on our family journey to lose weight! Now eating out every night does not help but it is so time we are all home it is way after 7 and who has time to cook? Once I did try cooking for the week but in the end I found the dishes far out weighed having a mere four days of not cooking. Then I found the greatest book ever- 30 Meals in One Day Dinner is Ready! I can now spend one day cooking and have a month's worth of meals but the greatest part is how the book breaks everything down. There is a menu area, a guide for what to freeze and not to freeze, and a shopping and preparation action plan. I have now tried this once for today-next month and was actually surprised how easy the planning went with the tips of shopping and what to do the night before. We have also added our own little tip of cleaning while it cooks. At the end of the day all the food was cooked and most of the dishes were done because we cleaned while the slow cooker and oven finished all the meals! Other variations of the book are available including a lunch and dessert book. Don't forget to register to win your very own copy in the Spa for Ma event!

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