Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hard Candy-affordable cosmetics for a toddler household!

Today was a day that will go down in history as chaos fest 2011. First it was my 2 year old's first day of school-we made it half way to the door before  a giant fit was thrown then about three other melt downs because she did not want to share or be near a certain person in her class (mind you today the class was only an hour long). So when we got home we went to take naps-I heard her laughing and talking thinking nothing of it...she was just telling her animals/dolls about school no harm right-WRONG! After 30 minutes or so of her laughing and talking I went in to tell her it was quiet time and try to close her eyes....I walked in on pure chaos! Somehow she managed to smuggle my makeup bag in her room and we had lip gloss on every animal, wall, clothes, and on and on. I swear it was everywhere and I just wanted to shut the door and leave it until her dad came home. What's the upside? Well at the least the makeup was affordable...I have a few pieces of Hard Candy makeup (sold exclusively at walmart) and was lucky enough that little miss decided to use something that can be easily replaced and was not extremely dark. We went this afternoon to get a replacement lip gloss for me since I have been trying to only leave the house in real clothes-and I bought little miss her only clear gloss.  They also have nail polish that comes with a ring but I was not brave enough today to add it to the cart. All the product are under $10 so if you would like your toddler to try it out I do not recommend letting them put it on the cats (another adventure of chaos fest 2011 but that story will be for another day).  Along with being affordable Hard Candy makeup is very high quality and offers a very large variety of products. Here is my favorite gloss: Glossaholic- Sequin Saturated Lip Gloss- what a great name!


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