Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sponsor Highlight- Lovemode

Back to school times means one thing-I actually have to get dressed and look nice to take my daughter to all of her school events. While looking at my closet I basically have two choices black or white. When did my closet become so blah? Seriously I can understand the large amount of black with an infant but I seriously need to find some trendy juniors clothes that will fit into my 20 something style and fit my body. I have found a great store called Lovemode that offer cheap junior clothes that are both in style and fit your average size person. The shirt I ordered was not to short and tight and actually made me feel great about my body instead of showing off every lump and bump. Now my shirt had flower detail which I was in love with but a little hesitant once I had to wash the shirt-after holding my breath during the wash cycle the flower came out in tact and you would not even know it had been tossed around in a washer and dryer.  Now I know some people hate ordering online because of shipping but Lovemode offers free shipping in the US-no minimum purchase required! Here is my favorite piece: Don't forget to registrar to win a $25 gift card in the Spa for Ma event!

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  1. my daughter would love this gift card