Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tutu Cute thanks to Davey Cakes!

I am super excited for my daughter's first day back to school because we have finally agreed on an outfit! Thanks to Davey Cakes she will be both adorable and not look like a crazy little diva dressed in a belle Halloween costume. We have agreed on a light pink skirt with a with shirt that says "tutu cutie". Now the best part of her new shirt was how the adorable little package arrived. We opened the box to find a little pink silicone cupcake wrapper (which I have every intention of using again and again while baking) and a little white shirt formed perfectly to look like the cupcake. Let me know you what I mean:

The t-shirt is very soft and has survived both chocolate ice cream and grape juice without leaving that weird yellow ring from the stain remover. The neck is the perfect size for little miss to slip over her head without screaming bloody murder and we all love the design! Davey Cakes has so many options from newborns to school age with so many styles and designs. If you need a unique baby shower or birthday gift I would look no further-the company is very easy to work with and has super fast shipping! We love our tutu cute cupcake and are very excited to purchase more birthday season approaches!


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