Thursday, August 4, 2011

Looking for a great birthday gift?

We have a 50th birthday party coming up in the next few weeks and I have been brainstorming about the perfect present. Then I thought of the greatest gift- a birthday keepsake. My daughter has one from the day she was born and it gives all the statistics, meaning of her name, and a photo from the hospital. The keepsake is laminated and has been very durable (little miss likes to use it as a "book"). Birthday Keepsake also offers wedding/anniversary themed keepsakes, growth charts, and name wish poems. It is super easy to order online with detailed step by step directions. A person is also available to answer your questions or if you need help. After I created my order the product shipped very fast and we had our keepsake in hand ready to display. I was very impressed that the order arrived in great condition in a think envelope-I was a little skeptical that a corner or something would get bent but upon arrival it was in perfect condition. If you need a gift that will hold a special meaning I would highly encourage a Birthday Keepsake. Now my daughter can look back and know what happened on her birthday and how much the world can change in a few short years. The keepsake breaks down a little about the birthday girl/boy, events that occurred on the day they were born, and events from the year they were born. Here is an example of the adorable designs available:


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