Saturday, August 6, 2011

Back to School clothes at an amazing price!

So back to school shopping is in full swing and this is my first year that I have to deal with the madness. I am shocked at the cost of school uniforms! Even if you buy the bare minimum the cost can be in the hundreds with is crazy until I found The Children's Wear Outlet. I am seriously amazed at how much you can school shirt at Meijer was $15 same shirt at The Children's Wear Outlet are half the price or more. I was able to get my daughter two school shirts, a pair of pants, and a pair of gloves for $25! If your child does not wear school uniforms they offer a wide variety of clothes starting in infant sizes for a fraction of the cost. School shirt start at $4.75-that means I can buy twice as many because we all know that the white shirts will not stay white for long! Ordering online was very easy and my items were shipped to my home in two days. Everything has been washed and the pants have already been worn with no change in quality. I was actually very impressed with how thick the shirts were...I was expecting lower quality since it was a lower price but there is no difference between our store bought shirts that cost and arm and a leg and the very well priced shirts at The Children's Wear Outlet.
Be sure to enter to win your very own $25 gift card in the back to school hop! 

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  1. Clothing items can be very expensive for children when you consider the posibility of sporadic grouth spurts.