Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Getting fit and eating better!

So we are continuing our workout plan and have now tried to change our diet. Now I am not going to lie we have had a rough past week and have fallen off the wagon hard-eating junk food and not working out but today is a new day and I am ready to hit the restart button! While walking around Target I found some all natural Asian cuisine made by Annie Chun. Now I want nothing but greasy fried Chinese rice for lunch so I decided to make some Ramon by Annie Chun's. There are many different flavors including my favorite soy ginger. It has this great sweet after taste that is amazing and does not make you feel thirsty like your traditional salty soup. It is now almost dinner time and guess what I am completely satisfied and not rummaging around the kitchen looking for sweets. I also have tried the Seaweed snacks and it was definitely something different-I actually did not feel bad about eating a snack and sharing with my daughter (once again chips have become my enemy this week).  nAnnie Chun's offers a variety of foods and sauces including noodle bowels, pot stickers, sushi wraps, and another of my personal favorites teriyaki sauce.....delicious! Annie Chun's is available in many locations including Target and the website has an easy to use store locator. I am super excited with the endless possibilities of Asian cuisine without eating out and consuming so many calories!


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