Monday, August 1, 2011

Ever wanted your own personal assistant?

So I have to admit with my daughter's first of school approaching I am a little more than nervous. I now have three calendars just to keep up with activities, work, and our personal life and have no idea how to mesh it all into one with school activities added. My calendar is seriously crazy and I have tried everything from color coding to making an online spread sheet. Well I have now found a perfect solution-AboutOne. It is this fabulous little website that is just like having a personal assistant. The site allows to enter all the information on your family and organizes everything to make it simple and quick to make sure nothing is forgotten. Imagine this-2 weeks ago I am pushing my daughter on a swing and thinking hmmm I am sure we have a doctor appointment this week for your yearly check up-called the office and found out we missed the appointment and I have to wait to reschedule. I am so happy with the service-now I can log in and print a babysitter checklist, home maintenance list, and even send out a newsletter to let our family know all the current events. You can even track your finances and car maintenance. This easy to use site is safe and allows you to be the organized person that is somewhere in all that chaos. Right now my readers can try a Free Trial! Please share your AboutOne stories below-it has truly changed my way of "organizing"...I look forward to reading your comment :)


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