Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nutrisystem Week 3

So it is officially three weeks since I have started my Nutrisystem journey. This week started out a little bit rough but I finished strong and have stuck to the plan. This week I went out to eat with my husband and did not eat the food provided. Although I was cheating on the ultimate plan I found something out that night- I no longer can eat the same amount of food that got me in this mess. After a little less than half of my dinner I was full which was a great feeling and I drank water with my meal instead of an empty calorie soda. After that night I realized that I may be able to eat out and the scale won't change but I will suffer in the end because if I keep adding food I will not get to my goal as quickly. So I have not added anything else and I feel great. I plan on stepping up my exercise routine this week which has also been a little lax and losing another 10 pounds next month. It is so great to see the scale under the 170 mark- I have officially gone from 179 to 169 and my pants fit so much better! This week the food has been pretty good and one of the breakfast burritos I found to be to big for breakfast and was not able to eat the whole thing...can you imagine I used to eat so much food and now a burrito keeps me satisfied until lunch. I also love that I can eat with my family and we can all have a similar meal. For example I can make pasta for everyone and have my pasta which makes a world of difference because I do not feel left out at meal time. Nutrisystem has really been a life changer for me-I do not consider it a diet but a way to reteach myself how to live life and be healthy.

*Thank you to Nutrisystem for providing the food in exchange for my honest opinion on the program*

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  1. How exciting!
    I am so wanting to try this nutrisystem- Do they need more bloggy people to write reviews?