Saturday, October 8, 2011

Baby Diner Dish Holder

We are officially in the “I can do everything and I need you for absolutely nothing phase” which is wonderful and horrible all at the same time. Because my daughter has such a temper some of her “do it myself” activities cause a ton of frustration. One of these actives is feeding herself and clearing/setting the table. Now when she gets really frustrated she turns the entire plate upside down and throws it to the floor-great for the pups but not so much for our grocery bill. While at the ABC kids expo I met a wonderful company called Lil’ Diner. The company makes a great product called the Baby Diner Dish Holder that suctions both to the table and to the dish. Because the dish has two suctions you can take it with you anywhere and attach to any smooth surface. I personally find it great for restaurants since they do not give you plastic of this days if little miss has a fit I am sure she will break a dish! So far we have used our Baby Diner at home and I have been overly pleased with the suction of the dish-I was a little skeptical if it would hold our light plastic dishes but it has held her cheap little plastic bowls and the heavy glass dinner plates. The Baby Diner Dish Holder is able to hold a variety of plates and bowls and includes clear instruction on how to make the diner work for size of plate available. The Baby Diner is also BPA free and contains no lead or phthalate. I personally think the Baby Diner is a great gift for toddlers and children just beginning to eat solids at the high chair....I only wish someone would of told me it excited when my daughter was born I could of saved several plates and my sanity! 


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